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New studies analyze the millimeter wave technology market


Millimeter wave technology utilizes extremely high frequency waves to achieve unique characteristics. The technology itself is used in a wide range of applications, including consumer electronics, telecommunications, healthcare and more.

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Also known as extremely high frequency waves, millimeter waves are radio frequencies that fall somewhere in the electromagnetic spectrum of 30 to 300. As a result, it has unique characteristics that are found in other, lower-range radio waves.

Millimeter waves, for instance, are known to have atmospheric attenuation, which means they are absorbed by atmospheric gases. When released into the atmosphere, carbon dioxide and other gases absorb the waves.

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Millimeter waves also have a limited, short-range, restricting their application for terrestrial communication to just over a kilometer. Depending on when and how they will be used, this may hinder their use.

Additionally, millimeter waves propagate through line of sight. This means they do not reflect off the ionosphere, nor do they bounce off the ground like traditional radio waves.

According to the Millimeter Wave Technology Market … Forecast to 2023 report by RNR Market Research, the global millimeter wave market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 35.2% through the forecast period, at which point it will reach $2,302.6 million.

Not surprisingly, North America is expected to experience the fastest growth for millimeter wave technology, thanks in part to the technology being used in telecommunications, mobile, military, defense and aerospace. These facotrs are expected drive growth for the regional North America segment of the millimeter wave technology market.

So, what's fueling the market's expected growth? You'll have to buy the report for a complete list of market drivers and challenges. However, some of the market drivers cited by RNR Market Research include increased usage of mobile data traffic for bandwidth-heavy applications, increased usage of millimeter wave in backhaul networks, increased demand for millimeter wave technology in radar and security, and a high potential for the technology on consumer electronics.

The Global Millimeter Wave Technology …7 Market Research report by Orbis Research is a second in-depth study of the global millimeter wave technology market. Featuring 154 professionally researched and written pages, it provides a detailed analysis of the global millimeter market. The report specifically includes six parts: basic information, analysis of the technology equipment, North American millimeter technology, European millimeter technology, analysis of market entry and investment feasibility, and a conclusion chapter.

If you're interested in learning more about millimeter wave technology companies, you should check out this report. Chapter three reveals

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