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Acoustic wave sensor trends explored in new reports

Acoustic wave sensor trends explored in new reports

Acoustic wave sensors are devices used to identify touch and other physical disturbances in an environment. They use the modulation of surface acoustic waves to determine when and where this disturbance occurred.

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Acoustic wave sensors are found in everything from touchscreen devices and healthcare monitoring devices to airplanes and mobile electronics. In touchscreen devices, they are used to sense the user's touch. The acoustic wave sensor works in conjunction with an acoustic emitter. The emitter sends a uniform acoustic wave across the surface of the device.

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And when a user touches the surface, it changes the acoustic wave, which the sensor uses to identify the location of the user's touch.

Of course, touchscreen technology is just one of many applications in which acoustic wave sensors are used. Because of their versatility, they are used across a variety of verticals, including healthcare, aerospace engineering, research and development and more.

According to the Acoustic Wave Sensor Market by Typ… Forecast to 2023 report by RNR Market Research, the global acoustic wave sensor market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 10.7% through the forecast period to reach $868.3 million.

So, what's driving the market's projected growth? The report provides a complete list of market drivers, some of which include the use of surface acoustic wave temperature sensors. Also known as SAW sensors, these sensors are more accurate than conventional sensors, allow for a wider range of temperature sensing, are inexpensive to produce, and they have a fast response rate. On the other hand, the use of other sensors is a major challenge faced by the acoustic wave sensor market.

The Global Acoustic Sensors Market 2017-2021 report by Big Market Research is a second comprehensive study of the global acoustic sensor market. As explained in this report, acoustic sensors are used to detect physical changes in an environment. Acoustic waves are able to travel through surface materials, so any change made to its propagation path affect the power and velocity of the wave.

Complete with 75 pages, this report covers current and future growth prospect scenarios for the global acoustic sensor market. On the basis of geography, the report segments the market into Americas, APAC and AMEA. Furthermore, it provides a complete list of market drivers and challenges. For instance, the report cites the deployment of LTE wireless networks as a fundamental market driver,. The cyclical nature of the semiconductor industry, however, may inhibit its growth.

Some of the key acousti sensor vendors profiled in this report include Boston Piezo-Optics, Honeywell International, Murata Manufacturing, CeramTec, CTS Corporation, Panasonic and Teledyne Microwave Solutions.

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