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Logging in to the social media management software market in new reports

More than seven out of 10 Americans have a social media profile. While social media networks are often used for staying in touch with friends, businesses use them for commercial purposes as well. The following two reports explore the social media for businesses market as well as the social media management software market.

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Logging in to the social media management software market in new reports

Statistics show that 71% of adults in the United States use social media to connect with other people. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, you probably have at least one social media profile.

While social media is used mostly by consumers, though, it's also used by businesses. Businesses of all shapes and sizes use social media networks to grow their brand presence, attract new customers, nurture existing customers, sell their products or services, and more.

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Social media networks have been around for decades. The world's first social media network wasn't Facebook.

Rather, it was a small communications platform known as Six Degrees. Launched 1997, Six Degrees allowed users to create a profile and befriend other users.

Just two years later, the platform introduced a blogging feature so that users could create and manage their own blog. Since then, dozens of other social media networks have emerged, the most notable being Facebook in 2004.

The Global Enterprise Social Networks and Online Communities Market Research Report Forecast Year From 2018 To 2023 report by Research N Reports is a professional study of the global social media network and online communities for businesses market. According to the report, the market has experienced strong growth in recent years thanks to the increasing social media activities in the commercial and residential sectors.

For example, businesses today are constructing more offices and data centers. In response to these activities, businesses are now relying on social media networks and other online communities for employees to communicate among themselves and with their customers.

The Global Social Media Management Software Market Size, Status and Forecast 2023 report by Research N Reports is a comprehensive study of the global social media management software market. While both this report and the aforementioned report provide forecast data through 2023, this report focuses specifically on social media management software.

What is social media management software exactly? As the name suggests, it's software used by businesses to help manage their presence on social media networks.

Businesses use social media management software to streamline their marketing operations on popular social media networks. While social media management software isn't required for promoting a business on social media, it's beneficial because of its ability to automate many tasks that would otherwise have to be performed manually by a business's employee.

Some of the key social media management software vendors profiled in this report include daPulse, Zoho Social, HootSuite Media, Sprout Social, AgoraPulse, Nuvi, Kontentino,, Roeder Studios, Social Board, Echosec, GAIN, OrangeTwig, Satyam Technologies.

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