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New reports analyze the global Cholesterol Testing Services market

New reports analyze the global Cholesterol Testing Services market

High cholesterol is a common medical condition from which millions of people suffer. The good news is that there are testing services that can help diagnose high cholesterol, allowing individuals to take the appropriate measures to treat this common condition. The following two reports analyze the global cholesterol testing services market.

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Hpercholesterolemia, or what's more commonly known as high cholesterol, is a medical condition characterized by high levels of cholesterol in a person's bloodstream. Cholesterol is needed by the body to perform metabolic functions.

If you don't get enough cholesterol, metabolic functions will occur more slowly, which can lead to weight gain, fatigue and a myriad of other problems. But too much cholesterol is also concerning, as it increases the risk of heart disease.

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Statistics show that about 34 million Americans suffer from high cholesterol. When there's too much cholesterol in the blood -- a thick, waxy substance -- it restricts the speed at which blood flows through the arteries.

In turn, people who suffer from high cholesterol are more likely to experience stroke or heart attack than their counterparts with normal cholesterol levels.

The problem is that many people don't even know that they high cholesterol. Unlike with blood pressure, there's no easy way for individuals to check their cholesterol levels.

Instead, they must visit a doctor or physician to have their blood tested. Cholesterol testing, also known as cholesterol screening, involves taking a patient's blood sample and analyzing it for cholesterol.

It's a common testing solution that's used to diagnose high cholesterol.

The American Heart Association (AHA) actually recommends that  adults over the age of 20 have their cholesterol levels tested every four to six years. Testing is typically performed after a 12-hour period of fasting so that cholesterol introduced by food doesn't cause false negatives.

The Global Cholesterol Testing Services Market Size, Status and Forecast 2019-2025 report by The Market Reports is a comprehensive study of the global cholesterol testing services market. Featuring 98 pages, it takes a closer look at the market and where it's headed.

Some of the key cholesterol testing vendors profiled in this report include ACM Medical Laboratory, Clinical Reference Laboratory, Laboratory Corporation of America, Eurofins Scientific, Quest Diagnostics, SYNLAB International and Fresenius Medical Care.

The Global Cholesterol Screening Market Size, Status and Forecast 2019-2025 report by The Market Reports is a second professional study of the global cholesterol testing services market. This report covers many of the same topics as the first report, including the cholesterol screening market's size, classifications, industry chain structure, projected growth and more.

This report segments the global cholesterol screening market by several criteria. On the basis of end-user application, the market is segmented into hospitals, physicians and clinics.

On the basis of product type, the market is segmented into physicians/providers, hospitals, managed care organizations (MCOs), government agencies, accountable care organizations (ACOs) and integrated delivery networks (IDNs).

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