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New reports shine down on the solar panels market

New reports shine down on the solar panels market

Solar has become the world's leading type of alternative energy. Using panels or cells made of photovoltaic material, solar panels are able to collect and convert sunlight into electricity.

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More and more homes are being powered by solar. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the United States now has enough solar panels to power nearly 6 million homes. And with solar panels becoming cheaper and more readily available, this number is expected to increase in the years to follow.

How do solar panels work exactly? Also known as a solar cell, a solar panel is a device made of photovoltaic material that's designed to react to sunlight.

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When sunlight hits a solar panel, it excites the panel's electrons, thus creating electricity. Solar panels typically produce direct current (DC) electricity, but they are used in conjunction with an inverter that converts the electricity into alternating current (AC). Once converted, the electricity is send to a home's electrical system for immediate use or stored in a battery bank for later use.

 Solar panels are often a smart investment for homeowners and business owners. While the panels themselves cost money -- as well as the other equipment required to operate them -- it pays off down the road in the form of cheaper utility bills. Homeowners and business owners will typically save more money on their electric bills than the cost of a solar power system.

The Global CIGS Thin Film Solar Cell Market Professional Survey report by Research N Reports is a comprehensive study of the global thin-film solar cells market. Thin-film solar panels have become a popular alternative to traditional solar cell types like polycrystalline and monocrystalline. They are called "thin film" because the panels themselves are incredibly thin, making them ideal for applications in which space is limited.

This report segments the global thin-film solar cells market by several criteria. On the basis of product type, the market is segmented into CIGS solar cell modules and CIS solar cells modules. On the basis of end-user application, the market is segmented into residential, commercial and ground station.

The Global Flexible Solar Panel Market Size, Status and Forecast report by Research N Reports is a second professional study of the global solar panels market. Unlike the first report, however, it doesn't focus on thin-film solar cells. Rather, it specifically covers flexible solar panels. Some flexible solar panels use thin-film technology, but others use polycrystalline or monocrystalline technology.

Some of the key flexible solar panel vendors profiled in this report include Uni-Solar, MiaSolé, Global Solar, SoloPower Systems, Flisom, Sun Harmonics, FWAVE Company, PowerFilm and others.

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