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New report shows high-voltage growth for UPS data center market

New report shows high-voltage growth for UPS data center market

UPS devices are an essential component of an effective data center. They are responsible for providing power to computers and connected electrical systems in a data center when the data center's main power goes offline. The following report explores the global UPS data center market and where it's headed.

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Data centers suffer from power outages just like conventional homes and businesses. Because they are responsible for providing web-based services, however, data centers rely on a high level of uptime to perform their operations. If the power to a data center gets cut off, the data center won't be able to provide web-based services to its audience of users. The good news is that there's a safeguard to protect data centers from power outages: UPS devices.

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What is a UPS device? UPS is short for "uninterruptible power supply." Also referred to as "uninterruptible power source," it's a device that provides temporary power to one or more other connected devices during a main power outage. UPS devices aren't designed to replace data center's main source of power. Rather, they are emergency devices that keep computers, routers and other information technology (IT) devices running when the data center's main power fails.

UPS devices are often mistaken with auxiliary power systems and standby generators. While all three devices can provide temporary power to a data center when the main power fails, UPS devices are unique because they provide such power almost instantly. The "uninterruptible" in UPS means they are able to immediately or almost immediately provide the data center with backup power once the main power has failed. As a result, the data center can stay operational during emergency power outages.

While all UPS devices are designed to provide emergency power, there are different types of UPS devices. On-line UPS devices, for example, feature a unique design that converts AC electricity to DC electricity and then converts it back to AC. There are also line-interactive UPS devices that guide the electrical current from the battery to the appropriate systems during main power outages.

The Data Center UPS Market Size By Product, By Component, Industry Analysis Report, Regional Outlook, Application Potential, Price Trends, Competitive Market Share & Forecast, 2017 – 2024 report by Global Market Insights is a comprehensive study of the global data center UPS market. It offers a detailed look into the market's size, trends, market challenges, growth drivers and much more.

According to the report, North American is one of the leading regions for the global data center market, accounting for roughly 30% of the entire market in 2016. Researchers cite the region's strong demand for UPS data center devices in the healthcare, entertainment, IT and telecommunications and manufacturing sectors, with most North American developments occurring in the United States.

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