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New report powers up the wireless phone chargers market


Smartphones and other mobile devices are typically powered by a rechargeable battery. While some of these devices must be plugged into a wall outlet to recharge the battery, others support wireless charging. The following report analyzes the global wireless phone chargers market.

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Statistics show that 95% of Americans own some type of cellphone, with 77% of Americans owning a smartphone. Whether it's an Android or Apple cellphone, though, it probably uses a rechargeable battery. The good news is that not all cellphones require a corded connection to recharge the battery. Some support wireless charging using a special wireless phone charger.

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With a wireless phone charger, users can recharge their cellphone or mobile device without a corded connection. Also known as inductive charging, it involves placing the mobile device on a wireless charging pad, at which point energy will be transferred wirelessly to the device's battery. Wireless phone chargers are still relatively new, but they've quickly become popular thanks to their unparalleled level of convenience.

So, how does a wireless phone charger work exactly? Wireless phone chargers rely on the properties of electromagnetism to transfer energy to the respective mobile device. They generally feature an induction coil that, when turned on, creates an electromagnetic field. As this wireless charging pad produces an electromagnetic field, it's able to send this energy to the mobile device.

Wireless phone chargers are over preferred over corded phone chargers for several reasons. First, they allow users to recharge their mobile device even if their device featured a broken micro USB port. Second, wireless phone chargers are particularly fast, allowing users to recharge their mobile device even more quickly than a corded phone charger. Third, wireless phone chargers are easy to use. Even in a dark environment, such as an unlit bedroom, users can recharge their mobile device simply by placing it in the wireless charging pad. For these reasons and others, wireless phone chargers have become increasingly popular in recent years.

The Wireless Phone Charger Market to 2025 - Global Analysis and Forecasts by Technology (Inductive, Resonant, Radio Frequency, and Others); and End-User (Electronics, Automotive, Industrial, Healthcare, and Defense) report by Premium Market Insights is a comprehensive study of the global wireless phone chargers market. Within this report, you'll learn about the current and future state of the wireless phone chargers market. Whether you have a financial investment in the market, or if you use wireless phone charger products, you should check out this report.

Some of the key wireless phone charger vendors profiled in this study include Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Texas Instruments, Inc., Sony Corporation, Qualcomm Incorporated., Integrated Device Technology, Inc., Powermat Technologies Ltd., Qi, Apple Inc., Witricity Corporation, and Mojo Mobility.

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