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New report logs in to the global CDN security market

Content delivery networks (CDN) require security solutions to protect against cyber attacks and data breaches. The following report takes a closer look at the global CDN security market and where it's headed.

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A content delivery network (CDN) is a network of servers that's used to serve cached copies of static files to website users. Normally, websites serve files to their visitors from a single server.

A CDN, however, relies on a network of multiple servers to perform this task, with some CDNs boasting up to a dozen servers.

So, what's the purpose of a CDN? CDNs are used primarily to reduce loading times for websites.

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With the website's static files located on a network of servers, visitors can download them more quickly, resulting in faster load times. If someone in Australia is attempting to visit a website, for example, the webmaster may use servers located in Australia to serve him or her the site's static files.

If a traditional web hosting solution is used, the website's server may be located in the United Kingdom or the United States. And the longer geographic distance between the visitor and the server means it will take the visitor longer to download the website's static files.

While CDNs offer a variety of benefits, the most notable being faster loading times when viewing and browsing websites, it comes at the cost of an increased risk of cyber attacks. With a CDN, a website's static files are stored on a network of servers rather than just a single server.image

As a result, hackers can often infiltrate websites with greater ease if they are deployed on a CDN. The good news is that there are security solutions available for CDNs.

Some of these security solutions include firewalls, encryption and network monitoring services, all of which are designed to enhance the security of a CDN.

The CDN Security Market by Type (DDOS Protection, Web Application Firewall, Bot Mitigation & Screen Scraping Protection, Data Security, and DNS Protection), Organization Size, Vertical, Region - Global Forecast to 2022 report by ReportsnReports is a comprehensive study of the global CDN security market. According to the report, the CDN security market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 31.6% through 2022.

Researchers cite the widespread adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as a growing need for DDoS protection, as being key growth drivers for the CDN security market.

Some of the key CDN security vendors profiled in this report include Akamai Technologies (US), Amazon Web Services (US), Arbor Networks (US), ChinaCache (China), Cloudflare (US), Distil Networks (US), Limelight Networks (US), Microsoft (US), Nexusguard (US), Radware (Israel), StackPath (US) and Verizon Digital Media Services (US).

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