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New report relieves the pain of the global cluster headache treatments market

New report relieves the pain of the global cluster headache treatments market

Some headaches are more severe and problematic than others. Cluster headaches, for example, are characterized by severe pain, which typically occurs on just one side of the head. The following report analyzes the global cluster headache treatments market.

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Statistics show roughly 0.1% of the global population will experience a cluster headache during their lifetime. For about half of these individuals, cluster headaches occur on a regular basis. While cluster headaches are most common among middle-aged men, they can strike anyone at any age. The good news is that advancements in modern medicine have paved the way for new treatment options, allowing individuals to live their life with less pain.

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Like other headaches, cluster headaches involve localized pain in the head. Cluster headaches are unique, however, because they typically only affect one side of the head. Some people experience cluster headaches in the right side of their head, whereas others experience cluster headaches in the left side of their head. Regardless, the pain and discomfort associated with cluster headaches usually only affects one side of the head.

Cluster headaches are often recurring, meaning they typically come back after going away. When a cluster headache goes away, many people assume that it won't come back. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. They are called "cluster headaches" because they occur in clusters of multiple attacks. A typical cluster headache may consist of a half-dozen or more individual headaches over the span of two or three weeks.

The Cluster Headache Syndrome (Cluster Headache) - Pipeline Review, H1 2019 by ReportsnReports is a comprehensive study of the global cluster headache syndrome treatments market. Featuring 58 pages, it offers a detailed analysis of the market's current and future prospective scenarios. Within this report, you'll learn more about cluster headache treatment market, including therapeutics, molecules, preclinical stages and much more.

What are the treatment options available for cluster headaches? Along with traditional over-the-counter pain medication, such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen, there are other ways to treat cluster headaches. Steroid injections, for example, are often used to prevent bouts of recurring headaches. A meta-analysis of seven studies found that corticosteroid injections can stop recurring headaches, including cluster headaches. Corticosteroid injections reduce inflammation in the body, which may ease inflammation-related cluster headaches.

Even inhaled oxygen is commonly used to treat cluster headaches. Medical experts believe that inhaled oxygen encourages blood flow to the brain. By providing the brain with more blood, inhaled oxygen may lessen the frequency and severity of cluster headaches. Of course, these are just a few of many treatment options available for cluster headaches. You can learn more about modern cluster headache treatments by checking out the market report cited above.

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