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New report shows high-flying growth for UAV market

New report shows high-flying growth for UAV market

Also known as a drone, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is a controllable aircraft that's operated without a human pilot. The following report explores the global UAV market and where it's headed.

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Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) have revolutionized many industries. In the agricultural industry, for example, farmers use UAVs to monitor the growth of crops, spray pesticide and even plant seeds.

In geological prospecting, mining companies use UAVs to survey mountains and other landscapes for nodes. With UAV technology continuing to improve, applications such as these are expected to become more common in the years to come.

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How does a UAV work exactly? Also known simply as a drone, a UAV is an aerial vehicle, such as a plane or quadcopter, that doesn't require a human pilot in the cockpit. In fact, UAVs don't even have cockpits.

They are controlled wirelessly by one or more pilots on the ground.

UAVs offer several benefits when compared to traditional aircraft, one of which being increased safety. Without a human pilot, or other passengers for that matter, there's no risk of injury or death if a UAV crashes.

In addition to increased safety, UAVs are also more maneuverable than traditional aircraft. They are typically smaller and more compact, allowing them to maneuver into tight spaces, such as between buildings or around mountains, where traditional aircraft can't easily reach.

Furthermore, UAVs typically cost less than traditional aircraft. Civilian-grade UAVs are available for as little as $100 to $200, making them an attractive choice for consumers and businesses with a tight budget.

For these reasons and others, the UAV market is booming -- and it's not expected to slow down anytime soon.

The Global Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Industry Market Research report by ReportsnReports is a comprehensive study of the global UAV market. Within this report, you'll gain professional insight into the market's size, classifications, chain structure and more.

Whether you use a UAV for commercial or consumer purposes, you should consider buying this report. It's one of the largest and more detailed studies of the global UAV market.

This report segments the global UAV market by several criteria. On the basis of product type, the market is segmented into consumer and civilian.

On the basis of downstream field, the market is segmented into agricultural field, geological prospecting and aerial equipment. On the basis of geographic region, the UAV market is segmented into North America, Europe, China, Japan, Middle East & Africa, India, South American and others.

The report also analyzes key vendors of UAVs, some of which include Aite, TXA, Aeryon, Ehang, Hanhe, XAIRCRAFT, Ewatt, DJI, Microdrones, Alpha Unmanned Systems, Zhongke and more.

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