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New report offers detailed view of digital retail marketing market


Brick-and-mortar retail businesses are slowing transitioning to online. While many retailers still have a local presence, many now have a website where consumers can buy their products. This report explores the global digital retail marketing market.

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Statistics show over 90% of people shop online. Known as e-commerce, shopping online offers several advantages over shopping locally at a brick-and-mortar store.

Rather than driving to and from a brick-and-mortar retail store, consumers can simply visit an online retailer's website. As a result, most consumers will agree that e-commerce is more convenient than shopping locally.

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Another benefit of shopping online is access to a wider variety of products. When shopping locally, you'll be restricted to choosing from only the products physically stocked at the brick-and-mortar store.

When shopping online, however, you can choose from any product in stock at any of the store's locations, including warehouses.

Because of the popularity surrounding e-commerce, many retailers are now launching online stores. While the exact number is unknown, some retail experts estimate that over 100,000 online stores are currently online.

With such stiff competition, online or digital retailers must invest in marketing products or services to attract customers and achieve their respective sales goals.

How does marketing work for digital retail businesses? There are dozens of ways for digital retail businesses to promote their online store and attract customers, each of which requires a unique approach. Search engine optimization (SEO), for example, is a strategy that involves modifying an online store -- or any website -- to rank high in the search results.

Once an online store ranks high, it will attract high-quality traffic from Google and Bing.

In addition to SEO, another common marketing tactic used by digital retail businesses is paid advertising. From Facebook Ads to Google Ads and more, there are numerous paid advertising services available for digital retail businesses While paid advertising requires a greater investment than SEO, it can prove well worth it.

If a digital retail business creates targeted ads, it can attract countless new customers using this technique.

The Global Digital Retail Marketing Market Size, Status and Forecast 2019-2025 report by Orion Research is a comprehensive study of the global digital retail marketing market. Featuring 91 pages, it explores the market while offering professional insight into its current and future prospective scenarios.

This report segments the global digital retail marketing market by several criteria. On the basis of geographic region, the market is segmented into United States, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India and Central & South America.

On the basis of key vendors, the market is segmented into Edelman, Interpublic Group of Companies, Omnicom Media Group, Publicis Groupe, WPP and Havas.

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