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New report locks down the ultra-secure smartphones market


New report locks down the ultra-secure smartphones market

Smartphone security has become a priority for millions of people worldwide. If a user loses his or her smartphone, sensitive data stored on the device could be stolen and used for nefarious purposes. This report takes a closer look at the ultra-secure smartphones market.

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Statistics show over 81% of Americans now own a smartphone -- a number that's expected to grow exponentially larger in the years to come. While some people assume all mobile phones are smartphones, this isn't necessarily true. Smartphones are characterized by additional features other than receiving and placing calls, some of which include mobile internet connectivity, video playback, support for 5G broadband and more.

The ever-growing adoption of smartphones, however, has paved the way for new digital threats.

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If a user loses his or her smartphone, someone could potentially find and extract the data from it. Why is this a concern? Well, many users have sensitive data stored on their smartphone. Some smartphone users, for example, use their device to make purchases via a contactless payment system like Apple Pay or Google Pay. If a device such as this is stolen, the person who finds it may be able to identify the user's payment information or even purchase products using the device.

While digital threats associated with smartphones aren't expected to fade anytime soon, companies are developing new technologies to better safeguard and protect smartphones. Ultra-secure smartphones are characterized by the presence of these technologies. They are designed specifically to minimize the threat of stolen data or unauthorized access. Granted, ultra-secure smartphones aren't immune from being lost or stolen. But if a user loses his or her ultra-secure smartphone, the risk of someone accessing his or her data is almost nonexistent thanks to the enhanced security measures.

A common feature found in ultra-secure smartphones is two-factor authentication. With two-factor authentication, the user must enter a password and perform some other second step to access his or her data. Two-factor authentication is considered a highly effective security technology because of its ability to protect against brute-force attacks. Even if someone knows the user's password, he or she won't be able to log in and access the user's data without performing the second step.

The Ultra-Secure Smartphones Market to 2027 - Global Analysis and Forecasts by Operating System (Android and iOS) and End-User (Government Agencies, Aerospace & Defense, and Enterprises) report by The Insight Partners is a comprehensive study of the global ultra-secure smartphone market. Within this report, you'll learn more about the ultra-secure smartphones market and where it's headed.

Some of the key Apple Inc., Atos SE, BlackBerry Limited, Cog Systems, DarkMatter, ESD America Inc., Silent Circle, LLC, SIRIN LABS, The Boeing Company, and Turing Robotic Industries among others.

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