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New report communicates the future of the chatbots market

New report communicates the future of the chatbots market

Chatbots are an essential tool used by countless companies to streamline customer service interactions. Powered by AI technology, they answer customers' questions while providing essential information in the process. This report takes a closer look at the global chatbots market and where it's headed.

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Chatbots are becoming more common. Even if you're unfamiliar with the term "chatbot," you've probably seen or even used one in the past.

A chatbot is essentially software that creates conversational dialogue -- either through voice or text -- with human users. E-commerce websites, for example, often use chatbots to streamline their customer service interactions.

With a chatbot, shoppers don't have to call or otherwise contact a live representative for answers to a question.

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Rather, they can ask the chatbot directly on the e-commerce website.

Why exactly should a business use a chatbot instead of a live customer service representative? Well, first and foremost, chatbots offer cost-savings benefits. Using live customer service representatives costs money.

And while chatbots aren't free, they are substantially cheaper than hiring and paying a human worker. As a result, many businesses use chatbots to offset the need for live customer service representatives.

Another reason businesses use chatbots is to gain insight into their customers' habits. If a substantial number of customers are asking a chatbot about a specific product, the business will know that the product is in high demand.

Therefore, the business can invest more resources into producing and selling the respective product.

Chatbots are also mobile friendly, meaning users can access them on smartphones and tablet computers. This is important since over half of all website visitors occur on a mobile device.

The good news is that businesses can reach mobile users with a chatbot.

Furthermore, chatbots typically offer 24 hours a day service to customers. Without a chatbot, businesses can only provide customer service during their regular hours.

a chatbot eliminates this problem, however, by ensuring that customers can receive answers to their questions at any time.

You'll also find chatbots on social media networks, the most notable being Facebook. In 2016, Facebook launched a chatbot platform for its Messenger app, allowing businesses to integrate this technology on their social media profiles.

The Global Chatbots Market Size, Status and Forecast 2019-2025 report by Orian Research is a comprehensive study of the global chatbots market. It features over a dozen chapters, covering everything from growth trends and end-user applications to regional status and analysts' viewpoints.

Within this report, you'll learn more about the thriving chatbots market and where it's headed.

Some of the top chatbot vendors profiled in this report include Artificial Solutions, IBM Watson, Naunce Communications, eGain Coporation, Creative Virtual, Next IT Corp., CX Company, Speaktoit, Customer and Codebaby.

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