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New report shows blazing growth for fire safety solutions market


New report shows blazing growth for fire safety solutions market

Structure fires cause billions of damage in property damage each year. As a result, homeowners and business owners should invest in fire safety solutions. This report analyzes the global fire safety solutions market.

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The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) says over 1.3 million fires are reported in the United States each year. While some of these fires are minor, others are more severe and damaging. When a structure fire occurs, it can destroy property while causing bodily injury or even loss of life in the process. Thankfully, there are solutions available to protect against and mitigate the damage of structure fires.

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How do fire safety systems work exactly? Well, there are a variety of fire safety systems available, each of which work in a different way. A smoke detector, for example, is considered a fire safety system. When used by itself, it doesn't necessarily extinguish fires. Rather, it's designed to notify the home's or building's occupants to the presence of a fire. When a fire breaks out, the smoke will set off the smoke detector, which in turn creates a loud siren or alarm. Occupants then leave the home or building and call the fire department for assistance.

There are also fire sprinkler systems that, as the name suggests, spray water inside the home or building when a fire detected. They are generally triggered either by smoke or heat. When a fire sprinkler system detects smoke or heat, it will begin spraying water. As the water soaks the surrounding environment, it extinguishes the fire.

Passive fire protection systems are designed to prevent and limit the spreading of fire. A physical firewall, for example, can prevent fires from entering a specific area. When used in conjunction with smoke detectors and fire sprinkler systems, firewalls are an excellent way to protect against structure fires. Of course, these are just a few of many fire safety systems. There are literally dozens of passive and active fire safety systems available.

The Global Fire Safety Solutions Market Size, Status and Forecast 2019-2025 report by Orian Research is a comprehensive study of the global fire safety solutions market. In this report, you'll learn more about current and future prospective scenarios pertaining to the global fire safety solutions market. It covers the market's size, classifications, chain structure, growth drivers, growth challenges, import and export consumption, and more.

Some of the key fire safety vendors profiled in this report include AGNER, Ceasefire Industries, Checkmate Fire, Chubb Fire & Security, Fire & Life Safety America, Fire & Safety Solutions, Fire Safety Solutions Canada, Fire Safety Solutions NI, Fire Safety Solutions Inc, Firesafe Solutions (UK) and IFSS Group.

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