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New report dresses up the virtual fitting rooms market

New report dresses up the virtual fitting rooms market

A virtual fitting room is an app or program that allows a shopper to try on new clothes digitally. In the following report, you'll learn more about the global virtual fitting rooms market and where it's headed.

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Also known as a virtual changing room or virtual dressing room, a virtual fitting room is a web-based app or program that allows shoppers to try on clothes and accessories digitally over the internet. In other words, shoppers don't physically try on the clothes or accessories. With a virtual fitting room, shoppers can see, digitally, how clothes and accessories look on their body when worn.

Virtual fitting rooms aren't a new phenomenon. They've actually been around for over a decade, with some of the world's first virtual fitting rooms emerging in 2005.

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Since then, they've become a common feature on the websites and mobile apps of retail clothing stores.

Why are so many retailers investing in virtual fitting rooms? For starters, it offers an unparalleled level of convenience for shoppers. If a shopper wants to see how a garment looks when worn, he or she can use a virtual fitting room. The shopper doesn't have to actually try on the garment. Instead, he or she can add the garment to the virtual fitting room app. The app will then create a digital image of the shopper wearing the garment, which in turn will help the shopper decide whether to purchase the garment.

Virtual fitting rooms are also useful for trying on different sizes and colors. If a shopper wants to see how a different color looks, he or she can generally click a button to change the color. There's no need to actually find and try on the garment in a different color.

You might be surprised to learn that some virtual fitting rooms use 3D technology. In other words, they create a 3D image or avatar of the shopper. And when the shopper wants to try on a new garment or accessory, the product is placed over his or her image or avatar. 3D fitting rooms such as this offer a deeper and more genuine level of customization. The downside is that they require more resources to run than traditional 2D virtual fitting rooms.

The Global Virtual Fitting Rooms Market Size, Status and Forecast 2019-2025 report by Orian Research is a comprehensive study of the global virtual fitting rooms market. In this report, you'll learn more about the ever-growing virtual fitting rooms market and where it's headed.

Some of the key virtual fitting room vendors profiled in this report include Zugara, Visualook, Metail, Fitnect, Reactive Reality, Total Immersion, Dressformer, Coitor IT Tech, Virtusize and True Fit Corporation.

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