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New report verifies the global digital signatures market

New report verifies the global digital signatures market

The old days of signing your name using a pen are slowly fading. Today, millions of people use digital signatures. The following report closely examines the global digital signatures market and where it's headed.

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In the past, signatures were made exclusively using a pen or similar writing utensils. While some people still sign their name using a pen or writing utensil, this trend is slowly fading in favor of digital signatures. What is a digital signature exactly?

A digital signature is essentially a computer algorithm that's used to verify the authenticity of an electronic document. They are commonly used in banking websites to protect against unauthorized access.

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If a nefarious individual attempts to access a customer's bank account, the digital signature system will restrict access.

Of course, digital signatures are also used to sign electronic documents. Insurance companies, for example, often require customers to sign electronic documents sent via email. If you sign up for a new insurance service, the provider may email you an electronic document containing information about your policy. You may then be required to sign this electronic document with your digital signature. To create a digital signature, you typically type your name just as you would if you were signing a physical document with a pen or writing utensil.

Companies often prefer digital signatures over traditional pen-and-ink signatures for several reasons. First, it allows companies to save money by eliminating the need for paper documents. Statistics show the average office worker uses roughly 10,000 pieces of paper each year. By switching to electronic documents that require digital signatures, companies can eliminate or reduce their dependence on physical paper.

Digital signatures are also easier to obtain than traditional signatures. If a company needs a customer to sign a document, it can simply email the document to the customer in electronic format, at which point the customer can provide his or her digital signature. In comparison, a traditional signature requires the customer to physically sign the document, after which he or she must mail the paper document to the respective company. For these reasons and others, digital signatures have become increasingly common.

The Digital Signatures Market Research report by Orian Research is a comprehensive study of the global digital signatures market. In this report, you'll learn more about current and future prospective scenarios of the digital signatures market. If you work in the market or otherwise have a professional stake in the market, you should consider purchasing this comprehensive report.

Some of the key digital signature vendors profiled in this report include SunGard Signix Inc, DocuSign, Silanis-eSignLive, SafeNet, Inc., ePadLink, Topaz systems, Ascertia, Digistamp and Globalsign.

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