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New report pumps up the global Automotive Fuel Systems Market

New report pumps up the global Automotive Fuel Systems Market

Cars, trucks, SUVs and other vehicles with a combustion gas engine require the use of a fuel system. The following report analyzes the global automotive fuel systems market and where it's headed.

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With the exception of all-electric vehicles, all modern-day vehicles powered by a combustion gas require the use of a fuel system. The fuel system, of course, is responsible for feeding fuel to a vehicle's engine where it's burned, along with air, propel the vehicle forward. Without a fuel system, combustion-powered vehicles wouldn't be able to operate.

A fuel system consists of more than just a single part, however.

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It's a collection of several different parts, each of which plays a key role in feeding the vehicle's engine with fuel. All automotive fuel systems, for example, contain a fuel tank. Although there are exceptions, most vehicles use a 12- to 16-gallon fuel tank. The fuel tank is simply a hollow container, typically made of plastic, that's designed to store liquid fuel.

In addition to a fuel tank, automotive fuel systems also have a fuel pump. As the name suggests, a fuel pump is a device that "pumps" fuel from the fuel tank. In the past, vehicles used a mechanical fuel pump. In recent years, however, automakers have since switched to electric fuel pumps. Electric fuel pumps are longer-lasting and more reliable than their mechanical counterparts, making them a popular choice among automakers and motorists alike.

A third component of a typical fuel system is the fuel injection. The fuel injection is responsible for feeding fuel into the engine's combustion chamber. For the engine to operate, it must receive a mixture of both fuel and air. When the right combination of these elements are added to the combustion chamber, a spark plug triggers a spark that ignites the fuel and air.

Like other automotive systems, it's not uncommon for fuel systems to fail. Even if a vehicle's fuel system currently works, it may degrade over time. When this occurs, it can restrict the vehicle's engine of fuel, and without fuel, the engine won't be able to propel the vehicle forward.

The Global and China Automotive Fuel Systems Market Research by Company, Type & Application 2013-2025 report by Orian Research is a comprehensive study of the global automotive fuel systems market. Featuring 88 pages, it offers an in-depth look at the market while paying close attention to its current and future prospective scenarios.

Some of the key automotive fuel system vendors profiled in this report include Continental, Delphi, Denso, Robert Bosch, Hitachi, Aisin, BorgWarner and Cummins. The report also segments the market by application, including passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles.

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