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New report projects strong growth for Canine Atopic Dermatitis Market

New report projects strong growth for Canine Atopic Dermatitis Market

Canine atopic dermatitis is a common skin condition in dogs that's characterized by an allergic reaction. The following report scrutinizes the global canine atopic dermatitis market while revealing current and future prospective scenarios.

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It's not just humans who suffer from atopic dermatitis. Millions of dogs suffer from this chronic skin condition as well. It's become such a common ailment among man's best friend, in fact, that veterinarians now sell canine atopic dermatitis treatments. Available in topical ointments, injectables and more, these treatments play an essential role in the health of millions of dogs worldwide.

What is canine atopic dermatitis exactly? The term "atopic dermatitis" refers to a skin allergy that's characteristics by inflammation of the skin in response to an otherwise harmless substance. It's more commonly known simply as "atopic eczema." Regardless, when a dog suffering from this chronic skin condition comes into contact with an allergen, he will develop a red and scaly rash.

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Unfortunately, there's no cure for atopic dermatitis. The good news, however, is that there are plenty of treatment options available to suppress the symptoms of this chronic skin condition. Because atopic dermatitis is a type of allergy, it's often treated using antihistamines Antihistamines work by minimizing a dog's histamine response to allergens.

What causes atopic dermatitis in dogs exactly? There are several risk factors associated with this chronic skin condition, one of which is genetics. If either of a pup's parents have atopic dermatitis, the pup will have a greater risk of developing it as well. In addition to genetics, diet plays a role in the onset of canine atopic dermatitis. Dogs that eat low-quality food consisting mostly of carbs and other filler ingredients typically have a higher risk of developing it than their counterparts that eat high-quality food consisting of protein and fats.

The Global Canine Atopic Dermatitis Treatment Market Size to 2026 by Orian Research is a comprehensive study of the global canine atopic dermatitis market. This report segments the market by several criteria. On the basis of drug type, the market is segmented into essential fatty acids, antihistamines and immunosuppressants. On the basis of administration, the market is segmented into oral, topical and injectable. The report also segments the global canine atopic dermatitis market by region and key manufacturers, allowing for a bird's eye perspective on the market and where it's headed.

For a detailed view of the canine atopic dermatitis market, you should consider buying this report. It offers one of the most complete and detailed analyses of the market and where it's headed. Using the information contained in this report, you'll make smarter decisions pertaining to the global canine atopic dermatitis market.

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