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New report examines the global Pet Microchips Market

New report examines the global Pet Microchips Market

Pet microchips have become increasingly common. As the name suggests, they are essentially small computers -- about the size of a grain of rice -- that are implanted into a dog's or cat's skin. You can learn more about the global pet microchips market by accessing the following report.

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It's every pet owner's worst nightmare: losing their beloved dog or cat. According to the American Human Association, roughly one in three pets will become lost during their lifetime. To make matters worse, only about 23% of lost pets are reunited with their respective owner.

While keeping cats and dogs indoors can lower the risk of them running away, it isn't foolproof. Both dogs and cats are curious creatures that have an innate desire to explore their surroundings. If an owner leaves his or her front door open for just a few minutes, their pet may use this opportunity to escape. The good news is that microchips are available to help owners find their lost pets.

With an average length of just 11 to 13 millimeters, pet microchips are small and discreet.

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Nonetheless, they feature an integrated circuit powered by radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. The microchip contains information about a dog or cat, including the pet's name and the owner's contact information. It's implanted into the dog's or cat's skin, at which point the stored information can be accessed using a special RFID device.

If the dog or cat becomes lost and is picked up animal control, a worker may check the dog or cat for a microchip. Assuming there's a microchip present, the worker can identify the owner's name and phone number, thereby increasing the chance of a successful reunion. With a microchip, owners can rest assured knowing that if their pet is ever lost, they will have a better chance of a reunion thanks to the information stored on the microchip.

The Global Pet Microchips Market -Segment Analysis, Opportunity Assessment, Competitive Intelligence, Industry Outlook 2018-2026 report by Wise Guy Reports offers a professional analysis of the global pet microchips market. According to the report, the market is currently valued at over $400 million. Not surprisingly, researchers found that the dog segment of the market accounts for the largest volume of revenue. In 2018, approximately $161 million was spent on dog-related microchips. With that said, the cat segment of the market is also poised for strong growth in the coming years. You can learn more about these and other segments of the global pet microchips market by purchasing this comprehensive report.

Some of the key pet microchip vendors profiled in this report include Virbac Group, Animalcare Ltd., Microchip4Solutions Inc., Peddymark Ltd., Cybortra innovation Co., Ltd., Pet-ID Microchips Ltd., Avid Identification Systems Inc., Jeffers Pet, Merck and Co. Inc., Pethealth Inc., Datamars, Inc., Trovan, Ltd., and Bayer AG, among others.

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