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New report revs up the global Natural Gas Vehicles Market

New report revs up the global Natural Gas Vehicles Market

While most cars, trucks and SUVs are powered by combustion gas engines, many automakers are now developing natural gas vehicles. The following report offers an in-depth look at the global natural gas vehicles market.

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Statistics show there are now over 260 million registered and licensed vehicles in the United States. As the number of vehicles continues to grow, automakers are looking for environmentally friendly alternatives to combustion gas engines.

Most vehicles are powered by a combustion gas engine that creates power by burning fossil fuels. When the vehicle is turned on, the combustion gas engine burns a combination of air and gas. While combustion gas engines such as this can produce a substantial amount of power, they aren't particularly good for the environment. This has prompted many automakers to produce and sell natural gas vehicles.

How do natural gas vehicles work exactly? Rather than relying on fossil fuels, such as conventional gas, natural gas vehicles live up to their namesake by burning natural gas to produce power. Some natural gas vehicles use compressed natural gas (CNG), whereas others use liquefied natural gas (LNG).

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Regardless, they are all feature natural gas-powered engines.

Over the past few years, natural gas vehicles have become increasingly popular. While they still pale in comparison to conventional combustion gas vehicles, they are trending upwards with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Research shows that over 24 million natural gas vehicles were driven and used in 2016. What's fueling the rise of natural gas vehicles exactly?

When compared to conventional combustion gas vehicles, natural gas vehicles offer several advantages. For starters, natural gas is typically cheaper than conventional gas. Considering that the average U.S. adult spends over $500 on gas each year, this alone makes natural gas vehicles an attractive choice.

Not only are they cheaper to operate, but natural gas vehicles are also better for the environment. Conventional gas is a type of fossil fuel, and like with other fossil fuels, it emits particulate matter into the atmosphere when burned. Natural gas vehicles have been shown to be significantly more environmentally friendly than conventional combustion gas vehicles.

The Global Natural Gas Vehicles Market Research 2019 report by Wise Guy Reports is a comprehensive study of the global natural gas vehicles market. In this report, you'll discover professional insight into the market and where it's headed. With over 100 pages, it offers a complete view of the natural gas vehicles market while covering current and future prospective scenarios alike.

Some of the key natural gas vehicle vendors profiled in this report include Audi, Chang'an Automobile, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), Ford, Geely Automobile, General Motors, Great Wall, Honda, Hyundai, Iran Khodro (IKCO), Mercedes-Benz (Daimler), PSA Peugeot Citroen, Suzuki, Tata and Volkswagen Group (VW)

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