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New report serves up the global Baker's Yeast Market

New report serves up the global Baker's Yeast Market

Baker's yeast is an essential ingredient used in the production of baked bread . It acts as a leavening agent, thereby allowing breads to rise when baked. The following report scrutinizes the global baker's yeast market and where it's headed.

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Consisting of many single-celled microorganisms known as yeast, baker's yeast plays an important role in the production of baked bread. It acts as a leavening agent, meaning it forces bread to expand and rise when baked in a heated oven.

While it's unknown who invented it, baker's yeast has been used for thousands of years. Some of the earliest known usages of baker's yeast can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. Since then, the use of baker's yeast has spread to nearly every part of the modern world.

How does baker's yeast work exactly? To better understand this otherwise essential ingredient in baked bread, you must first look at its composition. Although there are different types of baker's yeast (see below), they all consist of yeast. Yeast themselves are single-celled microorganisms, and like other microorganisms, they feast on organic matter, including sugars.

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When baker's yeast is added to bread dough, it will consume the bread's sugars while subsequently converting them into carbon dioxide and ethanol.

Perhaps the most popular type of baker's yeast is active dry yeast. It's sold in many grocery stores throughout the United States, as well as other countries, making it readily available to professional chefs and home chefs alike. Active dry yeast is characterized by a coarse texture with active yeast cells. The yeast cells in active dry yeast are encased in a protective medium, which naturally protects them from oxidation. As a result, active dry yeast can be stored at room temperature for over a decade. In addition to active dry yeast, other popular types of baker's yeast include cream yeast, compressed yeast, instant yeast, inactive yeast and rapid-rise yeast.

The Global Baker's Yeast Market Professional Survey report by Wise Guy Reports is a professional study of the global baker's yeast market. Featuring 118 pages, it provides a detailed look at the market and where it's headed.

Some of the key baker's yeast vendors profiled in this report include Lesaffre, AB Mauri, Lallemand, Leiber, Pakmaya, Alltech, DCL Yeast, National Enzyme, Algist, Bruggeman, Kerry Group, Kothari Fermentation and Biochem, Angel Yeast, Guangxi Forise Yeast, Guangdong Atech Biotechnology, Heilongjiang Jiuding Yeast, Dalian Xinghe Yeast and Shandong Bio Sunkeen. The report also breaks down the market by several criteria. On the basis of segment type, for instance, the global baker's yeast market is segmented into active dry yeast and inactive dry yeast.

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