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Research reports explore the open-source software market

Research reports explce the open-source software market

The mantra "you get what you pay for" doesn't always to software. Because sometimes the best software really is free.

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Software is used by consumers and professionals alike. And as companies shift their focus to the Internet and digital marketing, more and more individuals will be using software.

But software doesn't have to cost an arm and leg. Granted, there are countless applications and programs that cost hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars, but others nothing.

Open-source software (OSS), for instance, is a special type of software that's made readily available for free. Users can access, download, use and distribute the software without paying a dime.

Open-source software can even be used for commercial purposes, making it an attractive choice for small-to-midsize businesses.

Just how big is the open-source software market? According to Standish Group, open-source software saves consumers roughly $60 billion per year.

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Because open-source software is inherently free, it's difficult to put an exact price tag on the market.

However, the fact remains that it saves consumers, and professionals, lots of money.

The 2016 Market Research Report on Glo…tware Consumption report by Deep Research Reports is a comprehensive report on the global open-source software market. Featuring 176 professionally researched and written pages, it presents the open-source software market from all angles, revealing development policies and plans, key vendors, competitive landscapes, key regions development status, cost, price, revenue, gross margins and more.

Among the most influential market drivers for open-source software is the cost, which is free. But just because a software is free doesn't necessarily mean that it's not profitable.

Some open-source software contains premium addons or other forms of monetization. This allows the developer or developers to earn revenue from their hard work, yet users may continue to access and use the software at no charge.

The 2016 Market Research Report on Eu…oftware Industry report by Deep Research Reports is a second in-depth report on the open-source software market, although this one focuses specifically on the European market segment. It provides a professional look into the regional market conditions, complete with 132 tables and figures.

The report begins with an overview of the market, followed by manufacturing cost structure analysis, technical data and manufacturing plans, production analysis and more. It concludes with a feasibility analysis of new project investments along with a conclusion of the global open-source software market for the European region.

Whether you currently work in the open-source software market or are thinking are investing in a project, you should check out these two reports.

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