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Global and US fiber optic cable market analyzed

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Just when you thought coaxial cable offered the fastest Internet broadband speeds, a new cable has taken over: fiber optics.

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Fiber optics cable is a high-tech cable that contains or more optical fibers that transmits light. The optical fibers are individually coated with an exterior plastic shell to protect against moisture and interference. Just a single optical fiber has the ability to transmit more than 3 million full-duplex voice calls and 90,000 TV channels.

A single optical fiber can carry over 3,000,000 full-duplex voice calls or 90,000 TV channels. But the real beauty of fiber optics is its fast speed. Cable typically offers speeds of up to 18.2 Mbps (download), whereas fiber optics can yield speeds of 150-500 Mbps.

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This makes is superior to its cable counterpart, which is why so many consumers and business professionals prefer it for their Internet connection.

The Fibre Optic Cable Market Research … Forecast to 2027 report by Market Research Future is a comprehensive study on the global fiber optic cable market. One of the most influential drivers for the fiber optics market is the rising demand for high-bandwidth broadband services, as well as the growing investment in telecommunications and information, growing advancement of fiber optics technology, and the increasing popularity of 3G/4G technology. The market is also susceptible to restraints, however, one of which his the weak signal strength of fiber optics cable. This could hinder the market's growth, according to the report's authors.

The report cites Asia-Pacific as being the fastest growing region for the fiber optics cable market. Researchers include specific details for the region's expected growth, revealing both the total dollar amount as well as the compound annual growth rate (CAGR). You'll have to buy the report to access the full details of this data and more, however.

The United States Fiber Optic Cable Ma… Forecast to 2021 report by Intense Research is a second comprehensive report on the fiber optic cable market, although this focuses specifically on the United States region. It offers key insight and statistics into the ever-growing fiber optics market in the U.S., revealing market size, industry terms and definitions, classifications, chain structure, competitive landscape analysis, and more. The report segments the fiber optics into several categories, including manufacturer, type, and application. In essence, this report provides a detailed look into current scenarios for the U.S. fiber optic cable market, as well as growth prospects.

Some of the key fiber optics vendors profiled in this report include Corning, CommScope, Prysmian, OFS(Furukawa), Belden, Fujikura, General Cable, Sumitomo, Nexans, LS cable.

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