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New reports analyze the computer workstation and ophthalmic workstation markets.

Employers know the importance of creating an effective workstation. Among other things, it encourages higher productivity and efficiency, and it also allows the business to grow more easily. The following two reports take a closer look at the global computer workstation market and the ophthalmic workstation market.

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In the most basic sense, a workstation is an area where one or more individuals performs work. A typical office company, for instance, may use computer workstations, each of which featuring a desk and computer (as well as related accessories). Here, workers can perform their respective duties without distraction.

The Global Computer Workstations Industry Market 2017 report by The Market Reports is a comprehensive study of the global computer workstations market.

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Of course, there's been a growing trend surrounding the use of computers in the modern workplace. According to a separate study conducted by Forrester Research, 66% of employees use two more devices at work. Not surprisingly, computers are the most common work-related device used by employees.

There are several factors that employers must consider when using computer workstations, one of which is space. If an area is small, it may lack the necessary space for a larger desk. Thankfully, there are smaller desks and computers designed for these compact working environments.

Something else that employers should consider when using computer workstations is whether it's standing or sitting. Research has shown that sitting for long periods of time -- something that office workers typically do -- increases the risk of disease and illness. Workstation manufacturers have overcome this hurdle, however, by designing standing desks as well as standing-sitting hybrid desks.

The Global Ophthalmic Workstation Industry Market 2017 report by The Market Reports is a second professional study of the modern workplace, though it focuses on ophthalmic workstations. Within this report, you'll find detailed information about the market's trends, classifications, industry chain structure, upstream raw materials, downstream consumer analysis and more. In essence, this is a complete and comprehensive study of the global ophthalmic workstation market, complete with both current and future prospective scenarios.

What is an ophthalmic workstation exactly? The term "ophthalmic" refers to diseases and medical conditions of the eye. When you think of injuries in the workplace, eye injuries probably doesn't come to mind. Nonetheless, millions of workers sustain an eye injury every year. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the total cost of work-related eye injuries is about $300 million annually. This cost includes lost productivity, workers' compensation and medical treatment.

An ophthalmic workstation, however, can reduce the risk of work-related eye injuries. As its name suggests, it's designed with an emphasis on eye health. Ophthalmic workstations typically contain eye-friendly display devices, proper chair-to-display distance and other features to protect workers from eye injury.

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