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New reports shed light on fermented foods and beverages markets

New reports shed light on fermented foods and beverages markets

Fermented foods and beverages offer certain health benefits that aren't found in traditional, non-fermented foods and beverages. The following two reports explore the global fermented foods market as well as the global fermented beverages market.

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Fermentation is a processing technique that involves the use of microorganisms, including yeast and bacteria, to break down organic carbohydrates and convert them into alcohol or acids. Even if you're unfamiliar with this processing technique, however, you've probably consumed a fermented food or beverage before.

Yogurt is one of the most popular types of fermented foods. Derived from dairy, it's prepared with added bacteria, which is essential to the fermentation process.

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You may be hesitant to eat yogurt after reading this, believing that the added bacteria will make you ill. However, the bacteria used in fermentation is completely safe for consumption.

In fact, it's actually beneficial. You see, only "good" bacteria are added to foods and beverages during the fermentation process.

Known as probiotics, these good bacteria assist the digestive system in breaking down waste, thereby reducing the risk of digestive disorders.

Fermented foods and beverages are available at nearly all grocery stores and supermarkets. Some consumers even make them at home using basic ingredients.

Regardless, as the benefits of fermented foods and beverages become common knowledge, it's safe to assume that more people will include them in their diet.

The Global Fermented Foods Market Research 2018 report by The Market Reports is a comprehensive study of the global fermented foods market. Fermented foods, of course, are edible foods that have undergone the fermentation process, such as pickles.

Fermented foods typically have a longer shelf life than fermented beverages. However, both fermented foods and fermented beverages offer the same digestive-boosting benefits.

Some of the key fermented food vendors profiled in this report include Cargill, Inc., The Coca-Cola Company, Groupe Danone, Tetra Pak, Conagra Foods Inc., Suntory Beverage & Food Ltd, Agm Foods, Firefly Kitchens, Geo Hon, Rfi Ingredients, Wake Robin Produces, Kyowa and others.

The Global Fermented Drinks Market 2018 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2023 report by The Market Reports is a second professional study, though it focuses on fermented drinks and beverages rather than fermented foods. Featuring 124 pages, it offers an in-depth look at the market and where it's headed.

This report segments the global fermented drinks market by several criteria. On the basis of geographic region, the market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East and Africa.

On the basis of product type, the market is segmented into alcoholic and non-alcohol beverages. On the basis of end-user application, the global fermented drinks market is segmented into online stores, supermarkets and health stores.

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