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New reports crack the biometrics markets

New reports crack the biometrics markets

It's frustrating when you can't remember your username and password to log in to an account. The good news, however, is that companies are now developing biometrics technology to eliminate this problem. The following reports examine the biometrics and facial recognition markets.

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Biometrics is changing the way in which we log in to accounts. From online bank accounts, business databases, social media networks and healthcare networks, many companies are now transitioning from traditional username and password logins to biometrics logins.

What is biometrics exactly, and how does it allow users to log in to their accounts? By definition, biometrics refers to the measurement and/or calculations of the human body. More specifically, though, biometrics has become a method of user authentication that involves analyzing a user's body -- or some part of his or her body, at least -- for identity verification purposes.

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Many smartphones, for example, are now equipped with facial recognition or fingerprint recognition scanners, allowing users to unlock their smartphone by taking a photo or scanning their fingerprint. If their picture matches the one stored on file, the user is given access to the device.

The Global Biometrics Banking Market Research 2018-2023 report by Research N Reports is a comprehensive study of the global biometrics in banking market. Covering current and future prospective scenarios, it offers professional insight into the market. In the banking and financial services industry, biometrics has become a hot topic. Each year, banks lose billions of dollars due to theft and fraud. To curb these numbers, some banks are now implementing biometrics technology.

The problem with conventional logins consisting of a username and password is that hackers can often crack them using software. Biometrics, on the other hand, is exponentially more difficult. Unless a hacker has an image of the user's face or finger, he or she won't be able to infiltrate their account.

This report segments the global biometrics in banking market by several criteria. On the basis of product type, the market is segmented into hardware and software. On the basis of end-user application, the market is segmented into fingerprint, facial recognition, hand geometry and iris recognition. The

The Global Biometrics Market In The Healthcare Market Research 2017-2021 report by Research N Reports is a professional study of the global biometrics in healthcare market. While many banks and other financial organizations use biometrics, healthcare companies are also taking advantage of this modern-age user authentication technology.

Some of the key biometrics in healthcare vendors profiled in this report include NEC Corporation (Japan), Fujitsu Limited (Japan), 3M Cogent, Inc. (U.S.), Morpho (a subsidiary of Safran SA (France)), Imprivata, Inc. (U.S.), Suprema Inc. (South Korea), BIO-key International, Inc. (U.S.), Crossmatch Technologies, Inc. (U.S.), Lumidigm (a subsidiary of ASSA ABLOY Sweden)), and ZKteco, Inc. (China).

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