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Robo-Taxi Market Estimated to Observe Significant Growth During - 2027

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A Robo-Taxi, is also known as robo-cab, a self-driving taxi or a driverless taxi. It is an autonomous car operated for on-demand mobility service. The primary purpose is eliminating the need for a human chauffeur, which is a significant part of the operating costs of those type of services.

A new research report titled, 'Global Robo-Taxi Market' has been added to the vast repository The Insight Partners. The intelligence report provides an in-depth analysis of the global market on the basis of the different types of products, technologies, industry verticals, applications, and end-users.

The Robo-Taxi Market Report is a valuable source of information for businesses and individuals.

The robo-taxi market is heavily influenced by driving factors such as the race to deploy autonomous vehicles, demand for fuel-efficient and emission-free cars, need for better road safety and traffic control boosts the market growth.

However, machines jeopardizing human jobs likely to reduce full acceptance, high R & D cost for implementation and cyber security threats are impacting negatively on the growth of this market in the current market scenario.

Some of The Major Players In Global Market:

  1. 1. Daimler AG
    2. Ford Motor Company
    3. GM Cruise LLC
    4. Lyft, Inc.
    5. nuTonomy
    6. Tesla
    7. Uber Technologies Inc.
    8. Volkswagen
    9. Volvo Car Corporation
    10. Waymo LLC

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The global robo-taxi market is segmented on the basis of service type, application, component, level of autonomy, by propulsion and by vehicle. Based on service type the market is segmented as car rental and station-based.

On the basis of application the market is segmented as goods transportation and passenger transportation. On the basis of the component the market is segmented as camera, lidar,radar and ultrasonic sensors.

Based on level of autonomy the market is segmented as level 4 and level 5.Based on the propulsion the market is segmented as electric, fuel cell and hybrid. Based on vehicle type the market is segmented as car and van/shuttle.

Major Factors:

  • Global Robo-Taxi Market Overview
  • Economic Impact on Market
  • Market Competition
  • Global Robo-Taxi Market Analysis by Application
  • Industrial Chain, Sourcing Strategy and Downstream Buyers
  • Marketing Strategy Analysis, Distributors/Traders
  • Global Robo-Taxi Market Effect, Factors, Analysis
  • Global Robo-Taxi Market Forecast

Robo-Taxi Market – Global Analysis to 2027 is an expert compiled study which provides a holistic view of the market covering current trends and future scope with respect to product/service, the report also covers competitive analysis to understand the presence of key vendors in the companies by analyzing their product/services, key financial facts, details SWOT analysis and key development in last three years. Further chapter such as industry landscape and competitive landscape provides the reader with recent company level insights covering mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, collaborations, new product developments/strategies taking place across the ecosystem.

The chapters also evaluate the key vendors by mapping all the relevant products and services to exhibit the ranking/position of top 5 key vendors.

The Robo-Taxi Market report is a combination of qualitative as well as quantitative analysis which can be broken down into 40% and 60% respectively. Market estimation and forecasts are presented in the report for the overall global market from 2018 – 2027, considering 2018 as the base year and 2018 – 2027 forecast period.

Global estimation is further broken down by segments and geographies such as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa and South America covering major 18 countries across the mentioned regions. The qualitative contents for geographical analysis will cover market trends in each region and country which includes highlights of the key players operating in the respective region/country, PEST analysis of each region which includes political, economic, social and technological factors influencing the growth of the market.

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Reasons to Access the Report:

  • Learn about the driving factors, affecting the market growth.
  • Imbibe the advancements and progress in the market during the forecast period.
  • Understand where the market opportunities lies.
  • Compare and evaluate various options affecting the market.
  • Pick up on the leading market players within the market.
  • Envision the restrictions and restrains that are likely to hamper the market.
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