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New report shares details about the automobile, aviation, defense & mining together driving fuel injection system market at 9.9% CAGR until 2020

Consistent technological advancements, especially in the automotive industry are expected to propel the global market for fuel injection system. This global market is expected to experience a steady growth throughout the forecast period owing to the development of automobile infrastructure.

Fuel injection systems offer benefits like – simple setup, easy start to engine, smooth running of engine, fuel burning efficiency, save fuel by preventing excessive consumption, provide precise amount of fuel to all cylinders, ability to adapt with alternative fuels and increase mileage of the vehicle. These benefits are being adopted at high CAGR of 9.9% during the forecast period of 2015-2020.

Successful enhancing of fuel efficiency of an auto engine is the prime reason of consumption of fuel injection systems. Consumers are increasingly pleased with the feature of fuel injection systems being able to reduce the exhaust emissions.

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This demand has driven many manufacturers to step into the fuel injection system market. Despite the hurdles in this industry due to frequently changing economic conditions, sales are expected to grow to a significant level owing to propellants like:

Prominent Driving Factors:

Automobile, aviation, defense and mining industries are the key end-user industries for this market.

The new fuel injection systems have been powering the next generation commercial vehicle engines, thus boosting the global automotive industry. Both automotive and fuel injection industry go hand in hand in growth.

Increasing government funding towards the development of new fuel injection systems is expected to propel the global market in the years to come. Tightening of fuel economy standards is another prime market driver.

Moreover, there is a high demand for light vehicles which is encouraging passenger vehicle manufacturers to use direct injection fuel system for better performance and driving experience.

Geographical Analysis:

APAC has been the leader of the fuel injection system market in the past couple of years and is estimated to continue to rule the market in the coming 5 years as well. Europe and North America stood in 2nd and 3rd positions, according to IndustryARC research.

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Segmentation Outlook:

According to this research report on Fuel Injection System Market, IndustryARC has included deep studies on the global market with 8 broad classifications and further sub segments for each:

  1. By Vehicle Type: Two wheelers, passenger cars, sports utility vehicles, commercial vehicles (heavy and light)
  2. By Engine Type: 2 stroke petrol engine, 4 stroke petrol engine, 2 stroke diesel engine, 4 stroke diesel engine
  3. By Application: Aviation, automobile, industrial machinery, automotive equipment, mining, power generation and others
  4. By Components: Fuel Injection and Carburettors
  5. By Injection Schemes: Single point injection, multiport injection, central port injection and others
  6. By Technology: Electronic and Mechanical Fuel Injections
  7. By Engine Size: 2 wheeler engine sizes and 4 wheeler engine sizes
  8. By Geography: America, Europe, APAC and Rest of the World

Vendors Brief:

Automotive bigwigs like Daimler AG, BMW, Toyota, Volkswagen, Ford Motors, General Motors and few more are being attracted to invest into the local production facilities. Considering the rising demand for fuel injection systems, many new companies are entering the market with their products.

By adapting to technological changes, new companies are planning to manufacture new products to fulfill the growing demand from the automotive companies. Out of the 40 plus players analyzed and included in this research report by our market research experts, few vendors of the fuel injection system market are:

  • Bailey Motor Equipment Co.
  • Techomet
  • Bosch
  • Seimens Energy Power And Transmissions
  • General Motors
  • Delphi Automotive PLC

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