Press Release Marketing

Best practices in growth hacking for mobile apps

Get this—the number of app downloads is growing rapidly and so is the usage. Which basically means that your competition is growing at a rate faster than you can imagine and if you are looking to grow your app and make your mark in the plethora of other apps out there, you will have to put extra efforts from all ends and strategize your marketing in a way that you eventually growth hack user acquisition for starters

A wise man once told me, “great marketing does not mean creating a product, sprinkling the information around and praying that someone comes across it. Great marketing means building a story, creating a journey where you take your customer along with you on a ride that eventually benefits both of you.” What I want to convey is the biggest mistake app marketers make is they simply start focusing on downloads right from the beginning and what I think they should be doing is making a larger plan, a story, a customer journey on how they plan to pick a random stranger and convert them into a customer.

That, in my opinion, is the foundation of all app marketing and growth hacking plans.

Predictions have it that by the beginning of 2018, the number of app downloads would reach around 300 Billion resulting in $80 Billion revenue for the app developers.