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Analysis of Competitor’s Paid Search Advertising

Business is a constant sprint, where getting ahead the numerous competitors within the shortest time is of crucial importance. The competitor analysis is an important part of the company’s marketing plans which helps define the weak points of the opponents and turn them into your own development resource zones.

A correctly set advertising campaign attracts a proper audience and motivates consumers to target actions. An appropriate analysis of competitors paid search advertising guarantees 75% success on a productive start, and it is one of the essential tasks for working on content. If you would like to stand out from a bunch of other online stores and win the audience's attention, you need to get to know more about your rival activities. 

Why do you need to analyze competitors advertisement  

An in-depth analysis enables to evaluate the competitors’ budget for search advertising and understand if your niche has potential.

It also lets you know:

  • what products they advertise and how; 
  • whether they set up their search advertising campaign only once or are they constantly optimizing it; 
  • what calls to action (CTA) they use and what they focused on in their advertising text content;
  • how are these ads different.

What should be analyzed? 

Before you start developing your own advertising campaign, you need to understand what approaches and methods your competitors are using. In order not to waste time identifying the main points for studying contextual ads, we will list them: 

  1. Keywords. 
  1. Negative keywords. 
  1. SERP positions. 
  1. Advertisements.
  1. Landing pages.


The competitive environmental analysis should begin with identifying the queries used to find a specific page. These phrases enable users who are interested in certain products to see relevant search results. 

If you know the keywords your competitors attract users to their website with, you can use them in your ad campaigns too.

For determining the competitor's keywords, use the following methods:

  1. Manually. Select 5–7 key search queries, relevant to your website (for example, “buy home appliance”, “order a smartphone”), enter them into the Yandex or Google search engines. Analyze the results on the first page and define the companies which are similar to your niche. Choose the resources which appear the most often for your key queries.
  2. Using special services. For defining the key opponents, you can use free online services such as and Enter a website address into the relative field and the service will provide the information on the most frequently searched phrases. The semantic analysis of the competitors advertising enables to define the search queries by which your competitors are ranked on top, as well as keywords which are less efficient for product promotion.

Negative Keywords

When using the keywords of other market players you may encounter the problem of showing the advertisement to a disinterested audience. This means that a search engine will show your ads for non-targeted queries.The AdWords competitor analysis enables to filter the key phrases by negative keywords. Say, a website does not sell Honor smartphones. By including the brand name into the negative keywords list, you will get the pure key phrases which can be used for your advertisement campaign setup. 


SERP positions of your online competitors are equally important for your paid search advertising strategy.  Google AdWords lets you measure the positions of your online rivals regarding your own advertisements. To do this, please open the “Auctions Statistics” tab, and find a report with website position and the percentage of views. 

You can also find the list of competitors at Enter your website into the search field. Choose the “Paid search analysis” in the “Domain Analytics” menu. The service will show a table with competing companies, keywords common with other competitors, traffic price and the number of search queries. An analysis of the competitor's positions will help you evaluate how frequently your web pages appear in search results along with pages of other market players. 


The advertising text content of your opponents can also be evaluated at Enter the company domain into the special field. Open the “Paid search analysis” tab and the service will display the list of ads with the number of keywords used. The service also enables to review the history of online store ads.

The competitor’s search advertising can be evaluated in the search results. Enter the search queries suitable for your website content and see what rich snippets your competitors use. Analyse their relevance. Rich snippets are a good way to attract new customers. Add your phone number and location – this will help get more conversions. 

Clicking on the first link, a user automatically reaches the right category page and can purchase an appropriate product.  Open the landing page via different browsers and operating systems – the page must display and perform correctly to cover potential customers. 

When analysing the competitor's target pages, please pay attention to the following details: 

  • Focus on the main proposal; 
  • Use less distracting advertising banners; 
  • Create relevant ad headlines; 
  • Ensure your landing page design has an active call to action. 


The analysis of competitors paid search advertising allows you to avoid some mistakes and save you marketing budget. The research of other strategies helps you come up with creative ideas for attracting new audiences. If you have any difficulties when creating a paid search campaign, turning to a digital marketing expert advice would be a good idea.

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