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What is Email Marketing Automation & its Benefits

Email marketing is one of the reliable ways to expand the customer base and constant business interaction with them. A multi-stage strategy helps to get an effective communication tool with a consumer audience.

What for?  

  1. Time saving  
  2. Fast profit growth  
  3. Reduce labor costs by automating manual mailings 

How to automate? 

  1. Developer Resources (a programmer who understands the distribution system and can automate it) 
  2. Map the triggers.You should start with: triggers on an order, an abandoned basket and viewing, a welcome series, a series of letters after registration, etc. 
  3. Read the technical documentation of the service to understand the methods of integration with the selected service, pass it to the developers.  
  4. Prepare letters with the necessary content. After the developer implements data transfer to the system, start the letters. 

Types of Letters

Trigger letters are automatic letters that come to the user after an event or action. Types:

  1. Welcome emails
  2. Transactional letters
  3. Chains based on user actions on the site
  4. Reactivation letters
  5. FOR important dates (Birthday, wedding anniversary, etc.)




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