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New reports size up the pediatric vaccine market and equine flu vaccine market


The flu season is upon us, which means millions of people are scheduling doctor's appointments to get a flu shot. Also known as a flu vaccine, a flu shot is designed to immunize individuals against the flu virus. The following reports explore the global flu pediatric vaccine market and global equine flu vaccine market.

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It's nearly impossible to prevent the transmission of illness-causing germs, including the influenza virus. Germs are everywhere, with a typical surface containings millions of viruses and bacteria. The good news is that there are vaccines designed to strengthen a person's or animal's immunity towards a specific disease-causing germ. The flu vaccine, for example, is designed to protect against the influenza virus.

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An individual or animal may still be exposed to the influenza virus. With a flu vaccine, however, there's a lower risk of catching the flu.

Most vaccines contain a weakened strain of a specific virus or bacteria. To create a flu vaccine, for instance, drug companies genetically or chemically alter the influenza virus so that it doesn't cause symptomatic infection. When administered -- typically through a shot or nasal spray -- the person's immune system will respond to the weakened influenza virus by producing antibodies that fight virus. The antibodies essentially prevent the infection of all future influenza viruses, thereby making the individual immune to the flu.

The flu is just one of many diseases for which vaccines are available. Drug companies have produced vaccines for dozens of other infectious illnesses. There are now vaccines available to protect against measles, mumps, rubella, smallpox, chickenpox, yellow fever, hepatitis and more.

The Global Pediatric Vaccines Market Research 2018 report by The Market Reports is a comprehensive study of the global pediatric vaccines market. Pediatric vaccines, of course, are vaccines designed specifically for infants and children. Developing a pediatric vaccine requires a different approach than developing a vaccine for an adult. Infants and children have weaker immune systems, so vaccines must feature a weaker version of the viral or bacterial strain for which it's developed.

This report segments the global pediatric vaccines market by several criteria. On the basis of product type, the market is segmented into diphtheria, influenza, hepatitis, pneumococcal diseases, meningococcal diseases, and others. On the basis of end-user application, the market is segmented into newborn, infant, child and adolescent. On the basis of geographic region, the market is segmented into 

The Global Equine Influenza Vaccine Market Research 2018 report by The Market Reports is a second professional study of the vaccines market, though it focuses on the equine influenza vaccines market. What is an equine influenza vaccine exactly? It's a type of vaccine for horses that's designed to protect against the flu virus.

Some of the key equine influenza vaccine vendors profiled in this report include Zoetis, Merck Animal Health, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica and others.

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