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Magnesium oxide has its own personality

MgO has Its Own Personality

   Everyone has his own personality and unique feature, it is the same for magnesium oxide, a kind of chemical material. The magnesium oxide has its own personality, character and different existing way, application area.

From the point of material insurance for our daily life, it can bring material insurance, and make our life strive for further improvement. Now, following with Meishen, a professional magnesium oxide supplier and manufacturer, Let us talk about the magnesium oxide.

   Another Name: Magnesia

   Color: White or light yellow powder

   Application level: Industrial grade


  1. Metallurgical industry: the magnesium oxide can be used for manufacturing the binding agent of refractory matter and Bricklaying arm. What’s more, it is the raw material to manufacture the second flux and smelt magnesium metal.
  2. Medicine industry: through magnesium chloride, it can be made to dried brine. In addition, the pharmaceutical grade magnesium oxide can be used as antacid, absorbent, desulfurizer, deleading reagent. What’s more, it is usually used as antacid and aperient to restrain and relieve hyperacidity, treat gastric ulcer and duodenal disease. In addition, the effect of neutralize peptic acid is strong, slow and sustained, and never produces carbon dioxide.
  3. Agriculture industry: the magnesium oxide can be used for make magnesium fertilizer, potassium magnesium manure and cotton disleave agent.
  4. Engineering industry: in the daily life, it can make mechanical box shooks, furniture and so on.
  5. Building materials: the magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride can be made to hard and corrosion resistant magnesia cement. And then, it can manufacture the artificial marble, magnesite tile, floor, ceiling, decorative sheet, board fireproofing, reenhouses brackets, partition board, magnesite well lid, bathtub, sash, solar cooker, biogas digester, magnesite handiwork, prefabricated house and so on.
  6. Transportation industry: it can be used as the snow-melting agent for deicing. It has fast deicing speed, little corrosive action for vehicles.
  7. Chemical industry: it can be used for manufacture various of magnesium salts, such as magnesium hydroxide, magnesium carbonate, etc. In addition, it also can be used as the raw material of antifreezing agent.
  8. Food industry: the food grade magnesium oxide can be used in food additives, stabilizer for color or replenishers of magnesium element in food. What’s more, it can used as anticaking agent and antacid in the fields of wheatmeal, milk powder chocolate, cocoa powder, powdered sugar and so on. 

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