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Professional SEO strategies for short terms and long terms business goals

Whenever you decide to step out in search of a good restaurant or doctor, what is it that you do first? You either enquire your friends or hop on your phone and use the available search engine like Google and Bing to find out the best matches.


Ranking high on search engines has become a priority for every business and industry. Usage of internet on mobile phones has been increasing on a daily basis and this has made the search engine results even more relevant and important.

Though the basic usage and implementation is of common knowledge, the greater lot of the industry has failed to acknowledge the applicability of SEO in achieving the long term and short term goals of their businesses. SEO strategies can be very well implemented for both.

Let's understand how.

Small term business goals

Gaining attention when you launch a new company, service, product line or offers can account as short term business goals. We can go ahead with following SEO strategies:

1. Generating Traffic

It is all about how to drive more traffic and increase sales Make an Inquiry about this news. A new company would like to promote itself, older will have offers and new services to promote.

Appearing on the top of search results can be a solution for all of them.

Search engines have algorithms that companies follow to stay on top. But these algorithms keep changing.

The companies accordingly change their SEO strategies to appear on the top of any search results.

This strategy involves keyword search and implementation. Plenty of paid and free tools like Google keyword planner are available in the market.

The right keyword when inculcated in content and title is assured to garner attention and priority in searches.

Search engines like Google duly understand the advantages and disadvantages that arise with keywords usage and so it penalizes any over use. The result of all of these activities is short lived and can only garner attention till the next algorithm is implemented.

2. Improving online presence

Google analytics is a very helpful tool in improvement of online presence. Various analytical data like the online source fetching maximum traffic and which keywords are advertising you the most can be found out.

You can check your performance on daily or monthly basis. Information of your most popular website pages, online media can be found out.

Once all the data is present, you can apply the SEO strategy to improve the content of these pages.

3. Social media promotion

Social media is a very strong advertising medium and any business dependent on public attention cannot stay aloof.

 Every medium has its own audience and impact. Twitter can be used for promotion of offers and events whereas Facebook will attract maximum attention in less time.

SEO implementation on these pages is done to create impact for a short time, mostly when we have a short lived solution to advertise.

Long term business goals

Regular publicity, constant acknowledgement and creating customer base are the long term goal of any business. SEO strategies listed below can very well serve the purpose:

1. Compact Architecture

Architecture of any website is a permanent element and hardly any changes are done later on. Search engines rank user friendly sites higher.

Related technicalities should be implemented at the time of website creation. The website should be optimized and page response should be fast.

All the URLs and web addresses should be lucid and instantly reflect the purpose of the page.

A fast and simple page will encourage more no. of user to browse and become a customer.

Once implemented, the implementation and its impact stays for long.

2. Content marketing

It is comparatively recently found SEO strategy by marketing experts. Blogging, updating creative and unique content has a humungous impact on rating on search engine.

The content can be promotional detailing, real life user videos, expert interviews and many other interesting things.  Regular update grabs customer attention and helps to expand the customer base.

Content marketing is a gradual process and its result can be established after being continuously active for some time.

3. Link Building

Along with keywords, back links or links directing to your page constitute an important ingredient in search engine ratings. The more back links your website owns, the higher ranking you get.

It is again a slow process that takes pace gradually. Content, social media and email marketing are some of the fundamental ways to implement it.

Companies today, tend to go into personalized marketing and conversations with users to improve their popularity.


Implementing SEO is easy but a thoughtful and rigorous process is mandatory. Understanding the strategic requirements of your business goals is already a half battle won.

All you need is to do is hire a professional SEO company Make an Inquiry about this news, get SEO implemented and then be consistent with it. Better late than never. Rank higher today to accomplish all your goals on time.

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