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Aumcore announces Voice Search Solutions for Local Businesses

Helping businesses grow by connecting them with users through customized voice search solutions. As voice search becomes increasingly popular with smartphones and smart speakers becoming more common, voice is becoming the new keyboard. From Apple's Siri to Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Google Assistant, more and more users are connecting to the internet via speech.

Let’s start with some facts and figures to get an idea of the voice search industry. As of January 2019, more than 40 million Americans have brought a smart speaker into their homes; Amazon’s Alexa series encompasses over 70% of these devices.

Even more impressive is Google’s announcement that over 20% of the 1.2 trillion searches conducted on the search engine every year are accomplished through voice.

Voice search has become a prominent search method for users because of the increased voice capabilities devices have and the hands-free benefits it entails.

Users can search for something without the messy business of pulling their phones out of their pockets and typing, or having to stop working on whatever household chores are currently keeping their hands tied. Voice search gives users the freedom to lead their day as they please while still having access to information.

This is exactly why Aumcore has decided to help brands connect with their target audiences through comprehensive Voice Search Solutions that guarantee results.

For example, Davis & Company , pioneers in employee communication with over 30 years of experience, sought to improve their digital presence with us. The team at Davis & Co. wanted to properly convey and express their brand identity digitally so they could attract new and prospective clients.

Aumcore’s one-stop shop for SEO is what initially intrigued them, but it was our follow-up research, website audit, and analysis of their digital presence that led them to inquire about our Voice Search Solutions as well.

For a comprehensive and well-rounded solution to their needs, we implemented an SEO and PPC strategy for their business that included a large voice search optimization component. As a top Digital Marketing Agency in NYC, our team decided to go above and beyond to ensure Davis & Co.

would be pleased post-optimization. Leveraging our in-house technical experts, we provided them with best practice documents that demonstrated how they could keep on top of changing trends and make the most of them.

The results were staggering:

  • A 38% increase in total traffic.
  • A 25% increase in US traffic.
  • A 295% increase in social traffic.
  • And a 52% increase in organic traffic that not only met our goals, but exceeded all expectations.

Our mission and vision behind launching Voice Search Solutions and providing voice search optimization is to help our clients connect with their target consumers over the internet. If they’re searching with their voice, we want to make sure you can capture them with it as well.

We also want to empower brands by providing them with the tools and best practices they need for the long-haul, guaranteeing that even when Aumcore has completed the project and the client is happy, they still have a little something to further grow their business and remember us by.

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