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eWAY announces deal with Google AdWords

eWAY partners with Google AdWords to give online merchants a free $75 Google AdWords trial and get their online marketing started.

CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA – – Leading electronic payment gateway provider, eWAY, has today announced a partnership with Google AdWords that will see merchants benefit from both companies’ complementary strengths.

eWAY states that, on average, merchants who used eWAY’s eCommerce solutions increased their revenue by 74% in the first two years of going online. eWAY’s eCommerce products allow businesses to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week by automating ordering and credit card payments in real time.

By combining this success with the advertising potential of Google AdWords, eWAY hopes to see merchants grow their business further still.

“Online businesses often neglect to think about marketing. By introducing merchants to the possibilities of Google AdWords we hope to educate them in proven strategies to increase traffic to their site and increase their revenue,” said eWAY CEO, Matt Bullock.

When merchants sign up with eWAY, they can immediately take advantage of a free Google AdWords trial which provides merchants with $75 credit for pay-per-click advertising. Google AdWords appear exactly at the moment when people are searching on Google for products or services of interest and appear as sponsored links on related organic Google search results.

eWAY expects their new relationship with Google to benefit businesses looking to expand. By adopting secure online payments, and harnessing the marketing potential of Google AdWords, businesses of every size can reach out to new customers around the globe.

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