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Broad prospect of special magnesium oxide for glass fiber reinforced plastics

Broad Prospect of Special MgO for Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics

   The special magnesium oxide for glass fiber reinforced plastics plays an important role in the glass fiber reinforced plastic. It can be used as thickening agent, and increase the brightness of glass fiber reinforced plastics.

Therefore, compared with the same type products, the glass fiber reinforced plastic, which adopts magnesium oxide as raw material, will be more marketable. However, not all kinds of magnesium oxide can be added into glass fiber reinforced plastics, only adopts the special used for it can achieve the desired effect.

The detail indexes of special magnesium oxide for glass fiber reinforced plastics are: MgO is equal or greater than 90%, high whiteness, good dispersibility, the iodine absorption value should between 60 to 120mgI2/gmgo, the moisture is less than or equal to 0.5%, 150 mesh and the residue on sieve should be equal or greater than 0.01%.

   Chinese glass fiber reinforced plastics industry develops rapidly in recent years. The impetus is from the foreign and domestic market.

The enlargement of international market is not only from the growing total demand but also from the domestic factor. In the preliminary, the international enterprises withdraw from this industry because of the lower profit margin, therefore, it left development space for Chinese magnesium oxide manufacturers in the international market.

In addition, the growing domestic market is from the booming downstream industries. For the magnesium oxide industry, which is one of the downstream industries of glass fiber reinforced plastics, it is a very good news as well.

   Look at the whole magnesium oxide market, there is very few enterprise can achieve these indexes. Only the large-scale magnesium oxide supplier and manufacturer, like Meishen Technology, can guarantee quality for you absolutely.

The “Meishen” brand magnesium oxide for glass fiber reinforced plastics use soluble salt and ammonium bicarbonate as raw materials, adopts advanced computer automated process. What’s more, Meishen has complete raw materials and semi-finished product detection means.

The products produced by Meishen has stable quality and excellent usability. It can promise that the magnesium oxide will not influence the quality of glass fiber reinforced plastics during the process of production. 

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