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Virtual and augmented reality in healthcare

AR/VR technology can help healthcare professionals in many ways. After the outbreak of transportation, when the world suddenly became a much smaller place, AR/VR is probably the next comparable thing. With virtual reality you can be any place, a world-class surgeon can visit any patient, any student can learn from the best in the field, or you can trick your mind and relieve physical or psychological conditions. Leading mind and institutions in healthcare are working on implementing AR/VR solutions to provide better medical services. This is an overview of the most impressive of their ideas.


One of the most useful and vital fields of application of VR in healthcare is remote surgery. Virtual reality in conjunction with a remote-controlled robot can bring best surgical services to the utmost ends of the earth.

VR-assisted remote surgery means minimum waiting time for the patients and no inconveniences of travel for medical specialists.


Actually, VR can help surgeons even before they step in an operating room at the stage of surgery planning.