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Fix IT issues for healthcare organizations Reboot and Restore software

It is imperative that systems contributing to medical practices must always function at their optimum state as malfunctioning systems can lead to delays in patient care. Reboot and Restore software solutions can ensure maximum uptime of healthcare devices by fixing IT issues instantly with ease.

The success story of modern healthcare can be attributed to the single force, the intervention of advanced technology even at the very basic level. Devices in healthcare units run a plethora of critical activities such as preserving prescriptions, trailing bills, lining up appointments, supervising patient conditions, and finally, getting accounts as well as medical records conveniently available.

Healthcare organizations cannot possibly function to the optimum level in tandem with HIPAA regulations without optimal maintenance of healthcare systems.

These computers are handled by multiple users ranging from doctors, nurses, billing staff, and clinic admins on a daily basis.

The requirements can range from managing patient records and administrative functioning to monitoring and analyzing patient’s health. As a result, a computer becomes susceptible to various issues such as configuration drifts and even malware attacks.

In an event of such system impairment, the physical presence of the IT personnel may not always be feasible. Also, the cumulative time and toil can wreak havoc in emergency situations.

Deploying a powerful endpoint management solution with reboot and restore functionality can help in minimizing system downtime at healthcare institutions.

Potential system threats in the healthcare ecosystem


In a multi-user computing environment like healthcare institutes, the systems are susceptible to configuration drifts, unregulated downloads, and entry of commands that can alter system configuration and result in malfunctioning.

Needless to mention, devices used in hospital units are high priority systems and hence, cannot remain unresponsive for long. System lags can result in inordinate delays in diagnostic services which can put patient care at risk.

This can even lead to life-threatening situations.

Imposing restrictions by regulating the usage of the systems could be an option. But this is not conducive to an efficient, seamless work environment in the healthcare system.

For instance, a nurse or any attendant staff might have to wait for long to get access to a restricted program. But the wait for system reconfiguration by IT team is not always feasible when it comes to saving a patient’s life.

Now, attending each and every system individually to fix trivial to major issues is not only time consuming but highly cumbersome as well. To add to that, the number of IT admins within a healthcare institute is not as many due to budget constraints.

Therefore, patient care will be delayed until someone attends a malfunctioning system and troubleshoot the concerned issue.

Fix healthcare systems instantly with Reboot to Restore

Reboot to Restore technology has emerged as a robust solution to help IT personnel in securing systems engaged in healthcare. Upon installation, this technology allows IT admins to preserve a fixed configuration as the preferred state which is referred as the baseline configuration. With every reboot, the system is back to its pristine state discarding the changes that took place during user sessions.

Reboot and Restore software allows users to work in an unrestricted computing environment. Since there are no security related concerns, critical applications and programs can be utilized at any given point in time.

When experiencing system issues, the changes can be wiped off and the pristine state can be restored instantly with a restart. For every new user, the system is available in perfect condition, unscathed by detrimental modifications in the configuration.

Moreover, enterprise solution built on Reboot to Restore technology lets IT personnel safeguard the computers employed in healthcare from unscrupulous changes and configuration shifts remotely using central management console. As a result, IT interposition in terms of manual intervention and lengthy troubleshooting like system reimaging or rebuilding is minimized to a great extent.

This reduces downtime which impacts productivity positively. Besides, the burden on IT team is reduced as users can handle the technology on their own.

It does not need a lot of technical expertise and hence, the need to raise IT tickets no longer exist.

The need for implementing separate solutions to fix multiple issues is eradicated completely. The healthcare organization can actually invest solely in the Reboot to Restore technology which takes care of most of the system issues frequently faced.

Gone are the days of IT team taking the extra load to prevent unregulated downloads. Just a restart and the ill effects of random downloads and unauthorized changes that can be potentially harmful are singled out.

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