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How to build a winning Digital Products that improve Mental Health And Lifestyle - all at once

In recent years, we have seen negative press regarding the impact of social media on mental health. However, technology can also be a great force for the good and well-being of people.

It is an established fact that mental health and lifestyle have become among essential aspects of our daily lives considering the highly competitive world we live in. As per the World Health Organization, among four, one will be suffering from mental health issue at some particular point in our life. 


Also, students with learning disabilities can be quite a vulnerable group and need to cope with significant lifestyle adaptation and adjustments like living away from home, studying and working for the first time. Most of the young people are deemed to suffer from mental health problems, which is a bitter reality.

Even stress at work can easily negatively impact the mental health of the people. Hence, there is an increased demand for Healthcare IT Solutions.

It is believed that a digital world is accessible to all is in reach of everyone. Companies are now making technology accessible to people facing mental health issues as well as older people at home, even at work as well as in higher education.

Here we will be discussing creating winning digital products which can readily improve mental health as well as lifestyle.

1. Mobile Apps to Improve Mental Health

At present, there are numerous apps around which can easily help you in monitoring the causes of anxiety and stress and help you to improve your overall mental health. One such app is Stay Alive app which is free, and it is essentially a nationwide suicide prevention resource which is packed with useful information to keep you stay safe.

Its vision is that no one needs to contemplate about suicide alone, and it is readily designed to be a lifeline for the people who are at risk of suicide. Custom mobile app development of such apps have picked up pace in recent years.

Similarly, the Hub of Hope is an application from Chasing the Stigma, a mental health charity. Basically, it is designed to signpost assist for people that are experiencing mental health issues, bad mental health as well as crisis.

It utilizes either the smartphone location or a postcode search and then offers details of charities, local support groups and different other support providers. It even has a “talk now” option which will readily connect with your phone or text support people.

2. Software to Help for Students with Mental Health Issues

Disabled Students’ Allowance can offer a tailored packed of different technologies as well as non-medical support to assist the students to succeed in their studies. It could include a laptop or computer, scanner or printer to save time spent in travelling to the library during ill health period.

You may even find it quite useful to have a particular software or even apps to record the lectures as well as seminars to make sure you have taken in all of the relevant information. Also, on demand app development services can develop such apps that aid in recording and managing the academic content.

3. Website to offer Immediate Help to People

No matter wherever you are, help and assistance are always available online, and there are numerous websites which can offer support for people that are suffering from myriads of mental health issues. Also, the Royal Family has been among the key advocates for mental health and recently launched Shout, an online resource for anyone in crisis.

It is duly available a service which has been piloted for the past one year. 

4. Enhancing People’s Mental Health in the workplace

Basically, Time to Change actually aims to change the attitudes of the people towards mental health and also reduce stigma. It does have a variety of practical advice for not only employers but also employees.

In the case of disabled people, minor workplace adjustments can significantly improve the workplace, mentally and physically. Along with this, there are a variety of tools as well as services to assist with how to make a reasonable workplace adjustment for employers and employees.

It includes access to another service named ClearTalentsOnDemand that can easily assist in identifying what particular adjustments might actually help the disabled employees. 



Mental health issues and lifestyle challenges have been among the toughest aspects of life to deal with. In this rapidly changing world and ever-growing competition, people are stuffed with wide ranges of mental health issues.

In this regard, technology can aid in monitoring, preventing and reducing the impact of various factors that affect mental health. One can develop mobile applications as well as websites to provide support to mentally ill people.

Mobile apps can easily assist in aiding to live a healthy lifestyle. They can also keep track of moods, anxiety and stress-causing factors, and much more.

Relaxation apps and website have their own benefits that can be leveraged by the people too. An Android app development company can garner huge profits by targeting this market segment too. 

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