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New disruption in medical technology as counselling moves to visual cues - Betta Day

New disruption in medical technology as counselling moves to visual cues.

Psychology via a Pinterest board? Affirmations and psychological solutions sent to your iWatch, all coded in visual symbols? Why not!

This is the new disruption creeping into psychology via new medical technology. As the boffins in university wax lyrical about what Freud thought or the more complex machinations of CBT, apps like Get Some Headspace and Smiling Minds are taking off. They use the audiovisual and portable capacity of mobile devices to provide training in Mindfulness Meditation and relaxation.

As users easily and naturally adapt to turning to their device for help and comfort, innovators are looking for ways to disrupt the field of counselling, psychology and self-help even further. Organizations such as Betta Day are developing the next wave of daily psychological management. By crafting a visual language of psychological change.

"A lot of therapy is simply explaining people to themselves so they can better understand and track themselves", the creator at Betta Day explains, "We are exploring coding key concepts as an icon to prompt self-understanding. The beauty of a mobile device is it can be scheduled or happen in the field."

With an e-book and mobile app soon to be released, Betta Day are currently trailing systems with a variety of sample  populations. "Images are universal," explains Betta Day, "it cuts through literacy and expressive difficulties very quickly. One glance and you can set yourself straight."

The visual cues draw on a combination of therapy styles, including Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

The system works by setting up each day to be a good one,  “Betta Day”.

It starts with setting your path, managing stress and feelings, Challenging self-esteem and relationship difficulties and then monitoring your actions. The central idea is to make today better and do the same tomorrow.

With depression hitting the top 10 of the World Health Organization leading causes of Disability Adjusted Life Years, news of innovation like this is compelling.

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