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Telehealthcare leader Feros Care connects clients to their personal electronic records and into the e-health revolution

Feros Care continues to lead the way to better aged care through technology, as one of the first in the sector to successfully connect its own electronic client records to Personally Controlled Electronic Health Records (PCEHR).

The tech-savvy provider of community and residential aged care has embraced e-health, which is particularly valuable for older people, and has committed to assist all staff and clients register for one of the online records, provided they wish to opt in to the new system.

To make signing up even easier for its clients, the organisation is using the Australian Government's Assisted Registration Tool, a piece of software which streamlines the process of aged care staff to assisting older people who want to get their own PCEHR.

Feros Care CEO Jennene Buckley describes the PCEHR as a “wonderful enabler” that can ensure seniors receive the best possible multi-disciplinary healthcare, whether in the residential or community setting.

“The e-Health Record allows GPs, specialists, hospitals, aged care providers and other health professionals to provide and access vital health information,” Ms Buckley says.

Feros Care's Manager of Allied Health and Wellness, Kate Swanton, says the main benefit of the secure online health summary is that it gives all health professionals access to accurate, up-to-date and complete information on current and past conditions, allergies and medications, even if the patient can't remember or has difficulty communicating.

“It's a new process and gradually, over time, there'll be more and more information available through the records,” says Ms Swanton.

“Soon, advanced health directives will be on the e-health records, which is particularly relevant for older people because it will mean the decisions they've made about end-of-life care are available for all health providers to see.

“It's about ensuring that the doctors you see have access to better quality information about you, and it's especially beneficial for aged care clients as they tend to see more health providers, take a lot more medications and many have chronic conditions.”

So far, 55 of Feros Care's clients have signed up for the records, most of them community-dwelling participants in the successful NBN-enabled Telehealth Pilot that is currently underway in Coffs Harbour. The Pilot is helping older people manage their own health in collaboration with a care team, leveraging high-speed broadband. Ms Swanton says clients in the hugely popular Telehealth trial feel the PCEHR goes hand in hand with the idea of using technology to advance healthcare - an idea that Feros Care is committed to pursuing wherever possible.

“It's been really easy to sign them up for the PCEHR,” she says. “A lot of our clients, especially some of our community clients who live alone, say that if they were taken to hospital in an emergency there would be no one there to tell us or their doctors what's happened, so they’re very grateful, and much more comfortable that it is in place.”

“NEHTA representatives Andrew Ingersoll and Sophie Lloyd getting excited about connecting the Feros Care clients to their ehealth records. With them are Feros Care’s Kate Swanton, Director Community Services Gabriele Taylor and care managers.”

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About Feros Care
Feros Care is a community owned, not for profit aged care organisation that has been in operation for over 23 years.
Feros Care offers community (at home) care to seniors in QLD, NSW, VIC and TAS, manages three aged care villages in Byron Bay, Bangalow and Kingscliff, and is an Australian leader in telehealthcare technology.

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