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Synthetic Food Technology Supplements: The Viable Alternative to Natural Food Products

Synthetic food technology is implied by certain companies such as New Wave Foods, Memphis Meat etc. to produce laboratory prepared food items that are sustainable and environmental friendly. Animal protein derived from animal meat and fish can be prepared in labs using any other components other than animal flesh and the end product will carry the similar texture, taste and valuable nutrition which you get from eating actual animal meat or fish. This is a sustainable process that seeks to feed continuously the ever=growing population. Even if there is food scarcity, there will be alternative food items to sustain life.

Have you pondered what the future of earth will look like??

Well! It is time for all the countries to seriously pool together their resources and start rethinking on various strategies to prepare the near future which is already displaying a very scary picture. The world population is increasing exponentially, along with, the depletion of fossil fuels and other natural resources, our insatiable hunger for animal meat, rise in pollution and global warming etc. The issues are multiplying yet all we do is engage in petty warfare.  

What are we going to explain our future generation?? They will not have any natural resources and food supplements left to support their existence.

However, not every single human being is insensible. This point has been proven by a Californian Biotech company named New Wave Foods whose main objective is to familiarize consumers on more sustainable alternative such as synthetic technology for food supplements and is acquiring funds to commercialize algae-based prawns and shrimps.

Allow me to take you further into this topic, citing the example of New Wave Foods.

So, what do you actually mean by ‘Synthetic food supplements’??

Synthetic or artificial food products, laboratory prepared, imitate natural food supplements in appearance, taste, and odor and are derived from chemically synthesized food substances. This synthetic technology imbibed food items carrying all the life-supporting vitamins, proteins and minerals.

What is the reason behind the advent of such a unique concept??

The ever increasing human population is responsible for many environmental issues and one of the major issues is the disposal of waste materials, where major of the human disposals get dumped every day into our water bodies. The non-biodegradable waste disposals such as plastics are causing damaging health hazards. Seafood eaters are at greater risk of consuming 11000 tiny pieces of plastic every year. Experts say that there are more than five trillion pieces of micro plastic in the world's oceans and by 2050 that will increase to four trucks every minute.

Also, countries such as United Kingdom are losing out on their choicest fish species such as cod, flounder, haddock etc. due to the recurring problem of temperature rise in the North Sea.  Experts fear that by the year of 2048, there will be no fish available to consume.

Bad News for fish eaters eh??

Moreover, the prawn fishing industry has been the center of environmental controversies for ages. Prawn agriculture carried out in countries like India, Vietnam and Brazil resulted in widespread mangrove destruction and deforestation.

The reasons are wide and really alarming and the worst part is, the issues are multiplying by it to the extent that the future will definitely be a dangerous time to dwell in. In fact we are slowly poisoning our life supporting resources.

Do you see some relevance with the Mother Earth as portrayed in the Sci-fi film of Will Smith named After Earth?? Well!! I do and so did the founders of New Wave Foods and many others in the market.

What is “New Wave Foods”, all about??

It is a start-up venture founded by Dominique Barnes and Michelle Wolf, who have successfully produced fake shrimps from a combination of many plant and algae ingredients that give a similar shrimp like taste when you consume it. The best part is you will get all the life supporting nutrition that your body needs. Moreover, the shell fish allergy component that affects some eaters has been eliminated in the artificial product.

The company has launched its products in California and Nevada and expects them to be available in the food retail sector by 2018. Presently, they are selling the synthetic shrimps to food-service operators catering to colleges, universities, restaurants, resorts, food trucks, Kosher caterers and many more.

Who are the other key players involved with the synthetic food technology??

New Wave Foods is not the only company who is socially responsible. There are other key players who display how biotechnology has broken its backbone to get a solution that can meet the food crisis anytime in the distant future. Some of the names you are pretty much familiar with. Let us see who these other key players are:

  • Memphis Meats displays chicken, duck and other animal products straight out of their bio-tech laboratories, developing real yet synthetic meat from animal cells but cutting down the need to feed, breed and slaughter actual animals.
  • Impossible Foods produces tasty burgers made out of wheat, coconut oil, potatoes and a special ingredient called Heme which is present in animals and is responsible for the meaty taste and smell.
  • Clara Foods’ vegan egg whites are made out of yeast that carries the similar taste and nutritional values of hen-born egg whites.

Summing Up

These companies have taken the giant step towards sustainability, exploiting the field of bio-technology to come up with multiple food supplements or alternatives that will continue to feed the hungry millions even when the natural food sources cease to exist. They have shown you the way. So if you are as responsible as them, then start getting adapted to these viable alternatives and spare a few useful and natural substances for your future for synthetic food is the apt answer to this rising crisis of food scarcity.

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