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CareMonkey launches Windows phone app

Emergency health and safety solution now available with offline access on Microsoft Windows Phone, Surface and PC

CareMonkey, the world’s fastest growing Emergency Health and Safety platform, is now even more accessible after releasing a Windows Phone App on the Microsoft Store today.

“We are excited to announce that the CareMonkey app is now available with offline mode on Microsoft Windows Phone, Surface and PC,” said Troy Westley, CEO of CareMonkey. “CareMonkey makes it easy for authorized carers to access sensitive life saving information.

Our new CareMonkey app on the Microsoft Store ensures CareMonkey is always available, even when offline, so authorized carers know exactly what to do and who to call in an emergency.”

CareMonkey is available for free on the Microsoft Store and allows users to:

  • Create Care Profiles and share with families, friends and trusted carers

  • Access emergency medical & contact details

  • Sign online permission & consent forms

  • SMS and email groups or individuals

  • Report injuries and incidents

  • Make online payments

  • Access data offline

Download the CareMonkey App for free on the Microsoft Store today…gs-reviews

CareMonkey Spp for Windows

About CareMonkey

CareMonkey is a health and safety solution that eliminates paper forms and gives authorised carers access to medical and emergency details, even when they are offline. CareMonkey automatically keeps medical records up to date, and helps carers know what to do, who to call, and what to tell an ambulance paramedic in an emergency.

With more than 1 million users around the world, CareMonkey is used by schools and universities, sporting clubs at all levels, outdoor groups, businesses with a duty of care, community and disability sectors. CareMonkey is available free for families.

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