Health and fitness apps are seizing the market of traditional fitness mechanisms

Health and fitness are very important for any individual and there is no questioning in that. Over the years, people have only become more conscious and careful about their health. But given the hectic schedules, not everyone can take the time out to go to the gym and work out. Or more so, they can't commit themselves to going to the gym. Health and fitness apps work as a savior for such people. They work as your in-house gym trainer and help you remain fit.

Will progressive web apps impact your SEO strategy


Who doesn't like combos? Having an Progressive Web App for their SEO strategy is a great deal for every businesses. Even its one of an effective way to achieve increased web traffic and meaningful leads.

Most important things an app startup should know


Using Mobile Apps is a popular hobby among the modern consumers. This trend shows the clear demand from users across the world. This all leads the mobile app development companies to stay tough and to develop challenging apps. Read more to find how to master in the app business.

How you can speed up your mobile app development timeline?

Mobile app development is a very complex and time taking task that needs lot of efforts and proper synchronization. The developers may suffer badly due to hectic schedules, coding and deadlines. If the app developers are not using the right methods of mobile app development, it will surely affect the quality and speed of the app.

Top 5 approaches to mobile app development tools

The demand for mobile apps is constantly rising. More than 197bn mobile applications were downloaded in 2017, and the number is estimated to surge to 352bn by 2021, as per data released by Statista.

iOS App Development Trends for 2018

iOS App Development Trends for 2018

Here's top iOS App Development Trends to Watch Out in 2018. iOS Developers should update oneself with these trends to deliver best services.

Let's look at Android app development trends in 2018

Android Apps have been helping startups and entrepreneurs since its dawn. By these Advancing operating systems it gains value by improving functional potentials. It never lost its trend from initial branding to high level block chain because Android Development Companies are keeping abreast of challenges. Read more to learn the new trends in 2018.

React native is powering more apps than ever. How it is different from other hybrid platforms?

React Native can be defined as the latest version of web library of same name. The main objective of React Native is to bring its power to native development. It is easier to write views using React Native, as developers need not to worry about updating the view. Why it is rewriting the rules of hybrid app development?

Tips for a fresher in Android app development

Programming doesn't have to be your thing from high school and even if you didn't opt for computers or languages, you can still learn to programme whenever you feel like through different sources digitally or manually.

Why mobile app development is going micro?

Mobile has become the primary platform for any industry to venture into. Mobile application is the driving force in the current economic landscape, everything from games, productivity apps enterprise solutions, and utility tools are all now available on the mobile platform, and it’s just the beginning. But why is it that we all have to go mobile? As a business executive, you have realized that to get to the customer fast, you have to come up with applications that run on smartphones to raise your revenues progressively.

5 handy mobile lending apps you should be using in 2018

In this high tech world, people have engaged themselves throughout the day by adopting the latest technology. Mobile apps are become efficient daily use tools and are successfully developing in every sector. Mobile apps have entered almost the sectors, entering in the banking sector and allowing customers to borrow money.

How push messages increase the app engagement

How push messages increase the app engagement

How many times you received a push message, where you ended up buying the product, since it fits into your requirement bucket, I think the answer you cannot even think, and since the exact number of your purchase resulting from the push-message is really uncountable.

You will thank US - top 3 small business predictions for 2018


We are already a month into 2018, and numerous small and mid-sized businesses are already getting restless trying to figure out what this year will transpire for them. Top-rated small-business influencers such as Charley Moore are experienced enough to sense the momentum shifting - a shift that will certainly influence small businesses drastically as move through 2018