Quintessential Reasons to Choose iOS App Development

Quintessential Reasons to Choose iOS App Development

Earlier, mobile phone was a medium to communicate with people located in far flung areas, but today, it has become become an integral part of everyone's lifestyle. With the growing usage of phones, a whopping increase is being noticed in mobile app development. Several platforms are available for the development of mobile apps. However, the two most prominent platforms are iOS and Android. It is believed that Android dominates the international market still, iOS is widely preferred by some renowned mobile app development companies including Appinventiv. If you are an entrepreneur, you should opt for iOS application development in order to earn maximum ROI and for several other benefits.

Why automation testing is a crucial part of app development process

Why Automation Testing is a crucial part of app development process

Nowadays, automation testing has become an indispensable part of the mobile app development process as it offers a mechanism to repeat a test procedure and check all the results of an application. Today, there is a wide range of tools for automation in which some of them are free, some are costly and some have just entered the market to earn a strong place. On the other hand, some widely preferred tools include Seetest, Appium, MonkeyTalk and Calabash and many more. As per a market study, a large number of organizations have started incorporating automated testing strategies into their testing procedures, whereas some are planning to implement such kind of testing by the end of this year. Leading companies like Appinventiv believes that proper implementation of automation testing can help you in reaping its real benefits and should be utilized by all app development firms.

Android app development – the need of the hour

If you are wondering as why your business needs an Android mobile app, then here we bring you some important stats about Android apps that will surely prompt you to have for your business as well

The complete guide to mobile app development trends 2017

As per a recent survey, more than one billion mobile phones and mobile apps downloaded every year and by witnessing this demand, mobile app development is considered as one of the most innovative as well as actively growing sector. Today, the mobile app market is dominated by social media apps, gaming apps, news apps and many more. A large number of companies irrespective of their nature and size are using mobile apps for better customer engagement, branding and last but not the least, for direct marketing. Hence, there is no exaggeration in saying that the use of apps will grow by leaps and bounds in the year 2017, but the current app development trends might show some great innovation.

Peer To Peer Payment With WhatsApp

WhatsApp is not an alien word to be heard in our day-to-day lives, we all love it and use it most frequently to share our status, thoughts, normal chats, images, videos and calls.

6 great ways to enhance app's first time user experience

Today, mobile users have a wide range of apps on their phone, but they select only few on which they spend their most of the time. It is believed that more than 20% of mobile app installs are used only once. There is no exaggeration in saying that the success and the failure of an app can be easily found in the first few screens that any user sees in the mobile app or the first few minutes that is spent on the app. You neither want your users to feel lost upon opening the app nor you want to overwhelm your users with a lot of screens or huge amount of information. In other words, if you want your customers to widely prefer your app, then improving first time user's experience is of utmost importance.

Importance of hybrid mobile app in the modern era

In the present times, where competition is up to its brim, it’s important for the companies to be “jack of all trades”, says Prismetric. The play store is seeing hundreds of apps being uploaded every day in an e2very genre that provide more or less the same functionalities. Therefore, to be unique and stand out from your peers, cross-platform or hybrid apps are the “need of the hour” and should be implemented carefully

Proven ways to follow by mobile app developers to attract and retain users

Proven Ways to Follow by Mobile App Developers to Attract and Retain Users

These days, mobile phone users have several apps on their phone and they tend to use apps as part of their daily routine. For instance, they like to visit retail apps in order to have a look at any special offerings or sales. If a report is to be believed, almost 90% of the mobile phone time is devoted to using apps and thus, mobile app developers are coming up with some interesting applications every single day. With the wide usage of apps, keeping in touch and accessing information on the go have become the need of the hour. On the other hand, the growing reliance on applications allowing many companies to use this platform as a tool to provide information, retain and attract new customers.

The ultimate guide to developing successful business apps

The Ultimate Guide to Developing Successful Business Apps

Effective Tips to Build Great Business Apps

Nowadays, you will see brands that you come in contact with in your daily life have their own well-developed business apps. This is because they are realising the benefits of an app in which some of them are apps can offer general information, news feeds, prices, booking forms and many more. So, if you are the one who is looking forward to have an app, then you know that all the information you'd like to provide to your esteemed customers such as special offers or new products or services is right at their fingertips.

2017 - A new dawn for wearables

2017 A New Dawn for Wearables

We have seen that the market for the wearable technology becomes mainstream over the last few years. But what next? What is the new age for the wearable technology, what more needs to be explored? To know more about the “wearable revolution” read on. . .

Google pixel 2 will be a premium device with an affordable price

Google Pixel 2 will be a Premium Device with an Affordable Price

We have seen the launch of Pixel and Pixel XL just a few months back in October. But, we are already talking about the new Google phones that are about to launched next. Pixel 2 is supposed to be available sometimes around September/October in 2017. However, Google has not yet revealed the exact date of launch. At the start of March, Rick Osterloh who is the Senior Vice President of Hardware confirmed that Google Pixel 2 is on the way.

6 reasons you should outsource mobile app development – And it's not about costs anymore

6 reasons you should outsource mobile app development

Why do some people still shy away from outsourcing app development? With tons of data proving that outsourcing app development is the best way to launch your app it should be adopted by one and all. Here is a curated list of six major benefits that you get when you outsource your app development.

What is best technologies for mobile app development

These days software publishers make it possible to move all the possible applications on smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and more. Although behind every logic and decision is a gross doubt: how do they make it possible? In this blog post, we shall know about various technologies available for mobile app development and what makes them the best choice. also we shall be thorough with the concept of mobile app development.