Google announces ARCore recently. What lies beneath? How does it stack against Apple's ARKit?


Recently, Google announced a tool that will allow developers to write AR apps for android devices. Augmented Reality (AR) is something that takes users to a different world. It helps developers to overlay digital content on top of real world. Now, the question is – what is the big tool?

How to build an app using Agile Development?


Agility is the ability to respond quickly and easily to changes in your environment. Agile development refers to the set of ideals behind efficiently building a piece of software that is easily adaptable to the needs of the users.

Why you should care about mobile app maintenance


While there are no predefined set of rules under the mobile app development flagship, app maintenance is something that goes a long way to keep your app alive in the App Store. The world of mobile applications is a dynamic one. Continuous updates are being made by mobile app developers and you have to remain updated, at least, to keep the things rolling towards the right direction.

How to choose best mobile app development framework?

The act of developing any high-end mobile application or technology is never an easy task. However, with the right tools and frameworks, developers can perform this task easily and efficiently. A frame work is known to be sophisticated software that includes some sub components which assist in any mobile app development any developer may want to have.

How is a mobile app development team set up?


In a global economy where technology is evolving at lightning speed, as a CTO/CIO, it is important to ensure that you put together a team that understands the current trends in app development, and one that is bound to provide exemplary results.

The top trends deciding the future of mobility

Smartphones have created an irreplaceable place in our world. Nothing is here to take their position any time soon. In fact, there is no need to replace them because they are full-fledged PCs that fit the size of our pocket. They make computing on-the-go a possible thing as you can carry them wherever you go…

Startups compose a winning story following 12 steps to a successful mobile app creation


It has already become an established fact that mobile applications have benefited startups and the hired team of dedicated mobile app developers gave your business the much-needed leg up the success ladder. The end objective of any business is to reach out to the maximum users apart from gaining a handsome return on the asset investment.

A sneak peek into the world of machine learning


Machine learning needs no mention. If we talk about the latest technology in mobile app development, it is important to have a discussion on the machine learning too. From Google maps to Netflix and to Siri as well, machine learning is there with the apps that we use on a daily basis.

7 ways to promote your app without spending a single penny!

In recent day, every business develop a mobile app. Every app needs marketing to increase no of engaged users. But they don't know how they can promote their app. So, Appinventiv has explained all tips which are helpful to promote an app.

The advantages and disadvantages of developing Android apps with Kotlin


Google, during its I/O annual summit 2017, announced Kotlin as an official programming language for Android app development. Of course there are certain reasons that prove Kotlin better for developers, testers and users, but as the Swift’s launch for iOS app development did, Kotlin too has brought up a number of questions.