Best Tips to Reduce Mobile App Development Cost

Technology is changing every day. Today, with technology it is very easy to reach out to people through mobile applications as almost everyone uses mobile devices in their everyday life for different reasons like communication, entertainment and for business amongst others.

Why Android platform is good for your business?

Mobile devices are now accessible to everyone nowadays and the platform that powers these devices are pretty much the king of mobility. The Android is a platform that has the biggest user base on the planet which makes it a really big contender in the mobility business. The businesses who have embraced the Android platform have faced a great business profit.

Maritime inspection made easy using digital devices

A rigorous marine inspection system is vital for companies operating in Australian and Asian waters. The safety of vessels, maritime equipment and employees all depend on ongoing maintenance, following regulations and effective management.

BYOD!! A lot easier than you think

There was a time when many employees are not allowed to bring their personal device to work. The IT department is always concerned with security, support, and productivity of the business. For an employee, it was too costly to set up their device and additional security. But time has changed, now more and more companies are entering into new revolution and choose to open their doors for BYOD.

React native 0.56 has launched: what to expect and changes


The React team has made several changes to the React and launched the latest version of React. In the newest version, the company has improved the Android support, introduced the new version of the Babel, and made several more changes. Moreover, the React team has also fixed major Android specific and iOS specific bugs. The company will also conduct the monthly meetings. These meetings will help the developers remain up-to-date about the current scenarios in the company regarding the React updates.

Native Vs Cross- Platform! Which App Development do you Choose?

Are you a business owner looking for an application to build for your product or service? It is quite difficult to choose the development platform especially when you are not versed with the technical world. Whether to develop a native mobile app or go for a cross-platform app still remains one of the most challenging questions for an entrepreneur hitting the mobile app market.

How does Ionic App Development help Your Business? : INFOGRAPHIC

Ionic cross-platform app development framework gains ground for enterprise-friendly features, customization options, and excellent functionality. Read on to know why your business needs an app developed in Ionic framework. Here is an open secret: Whether a startup or an established enterprise, every business needs a multi-platform mobile application for simplifying processes and reaching a huge hellip

How to validate your app idea???


The app is launched, but it is not creating any stir in the market, despite the association of a leading app Development Company

Questions to ask your app tester


Mobile app success largely depends on the success rate of user acquisition, and if your app is not liked by the users than sorry to say but your app is nothing but a waste.

What kind of audience can you target with your iPhone application and how to influence them?

The iOS platform is a completely sophisticated platform that has attracted many users from all around the world. Unlike Android, the iPhone platform has comparatively small audience base. The main reason behind such low numbers is the cost settings of iPhone in countries other than the USA. The devices are made up in the USA which is the reason it is cheap in the USA.