The benefits of NodeJS and reasons to choose it for your project

Whenever developing a web app or any similar kind of project, the key factor is efficiency. The longer a project actually takes, the more costly it essentially becomes. It means you are more likely to end up looking for different ways to complete the next web project in less time.

Virtual Makeup Try on Apps - Blending Beauty with the Power of AR

Technological advancements are benefiting every domain, and the beauty world is no exception. With the use of the latest technology, such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence, customers can now have an ultimate shopping experience by trying before buying beauty products such as lipsticks, eyelashes, hair colors, and more.

Corrosion Control Engineering Inspection using Paperless Inspection Solutions

Corrosion Control Engineering Inspection is very important aspect for organisations and businesses that want to manage their materials, assets or equipment with respect to the damage that corrosion can bring. In the wait for industry standards such as that from the International Organization for Standards (ISO), ISO/DIS 23123 and ISO/DIS 23222, its vital to consider what can be done to improve inspection methodology with a wider view. Announces List of Top 10 Trusted App Development Companies in UK 2020

The requirement of the mobile app is increasing day by day with suitable technologies. Hence the level of demand for the app development company gets increases. Comparatively, UK is one of the most advance countries to implement the technologies. To enable such requirements, there is a need for top app development companies. This article is used to acknowledge the list of top app development companies with a proper analysis of the team.

The Coders at MobileCoderz Technologies Outline Reasons to Choose React native development for app creation

Summary: With the speedy evolution of advanced mobile app technologies, coders are brainstorming new methodologies & tactics to create next-generation mobility solutions. Amongst plentiful of tools & frameworks, experts at MobileCoderz Technologies enlist some react native app development strategies to note.

Working From Home Checklist -Is your Home Office Safe To Work In?

Working from home usually provides a flexible work balance life when an employee is taking care of school-age children (or younger), caring for a sick relative, disabled, etc. The Fair Work Act 2009 provides employees with the right to request flexible working arrangements. Not only does this benefit the employees and its immediate family, but it can also benefit businesses as well by decreasing employees from being absent, increasing employee retention, achieving higher productivity, employee satisfaction, and much more.  Many employees and organization see this arrangement as a Win-Win Situation.

On Demand Car Wash App: Features and Cost

As the demand for the car wash app has raised, it presented rise to the car wash app development. The on-demand car wash app is one such service that has grown popularity in recent times. A few decades ago, no one could assume getting car support or on-demand car wash services through their phones. Smartphones and technological progress have made this potential.

Flutter Vs React Native vs Progressive Web Apps – What to Prefer?

With the exponential growth of the mobile application development, the optimization of the platforms and interfaces of apps is becoming necessary due to the ever-growing customers in the area. Robust technology is required nowadays to develop a new mobile app for the business segment that requires minimal time and is effortless and efficient. Below is a comparison between Flutter, React native, and PWA development with different parameters:

Progressive Web Apps: Changing the Landscape of Mobile Development

A technology that has dramatically changed the mobile development landscape in recent years is the development ofProgressive Web Apps (PWAs). A progressive web app offers the best of two worlds by bridging the gap between mobile apps and websites and offering the same usability on both desktop and mobile.

How to Build Your App without Any Programming Knowledge?

Those were old days when you were required to have advanced coding skills or enough money to hire an app developer to build your application. These days there are tools and businesses available in the market which provide easy, quick app development within a reasonable budget.