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6 reasons why react native is growing so fast

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If you are a mobile apps enthusiast you must have heard about how react native has taken the mobile apps industry by storm? But do you know why or how reactive native was lapped up so well by industry? Read on to know it all.

Are you aware of React Native framework? Well, if you are a mobile app developer you must know it. React Native is a framework is the popular version of Javascript library and is maintained by the developers of Facebook and Instagram. React Native has gained much popularity in very less time.

In this world where speed, shortcuts, quick tools all these are needs for any mobile app developers where they can put their efforts in developing mobile app faster and with good performance.

User experience and easy development is the main thing in hybrid mobile app where developers work with Javascript, React Native and HTML5 or CSS to complete the app.

We believe React will be the future of cross platform mobile app development, let understand the reasons of how react native will be the growing fast.

  • Cross platform compatibility:- Cross platform clearly means that React Native Api’s will work on for both iOS and Android. You can run and feel native without writing a single line of platform specific code. React provides for such cases with its Platform module and file and can detect the OS app which is running on, that lets you define platform implementations. Platform specific file extensions. React automatically picks up the correct file depending on the OS the app is running on.
  • Components reuse and shorter development cycles:- React Native’s building blocks are reusable that can be compiled directly to native. Components you’d use in iOS or Android have counterparts right in React, so you’ll get a consistent look and feel. Its component based structure allows you to build apps that is more agile, web-style approach to development than typical hybrid frameworks. Also the process of developing mobile apps much faster. Creating one shared data layer for both iOS and Android makes it faster, with lower chances of failure. This makes development cycle the shorter due to code reuse and faster process.
  • Constant live updates and CodePush:- There are lots of advantages of using React Native like Live Updates, codepush -- where developers can push the updates to the users phone without having to go through the app store update cycle. Microsoft’s live update service CodePush SDK integrates with your React Native app allowing you to push updates to your app.


  • Efficient native app development:- When you work with React native it’s then when you bring speed and efficiency in web app development to the hybrid applications. With React native, it can bring better app performance and simplified methods to hybrid mobile development.
  • Offering with third party plugins:- When it comes to compatibility then here it comes where third-party plugins can be used which means you won’t have to rely on a WebView for certain functions. React Native lets you connect the plugin with a native module, so you can link the map up with the device’s functions like zoom, rotate, and the compass, while using less memory and loading faster.
  • It’s all about user interface:- React native is specific on building and developing mobile user interfaces for app development. Difference between Javascript framework and React native is JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS or MeteorJS, React Native is UI-focused which makes it highly responsive which results in quick load of apps and smoother feel.

After all this reasons, it is concluded that React native helps develop hybrid mobile apps that are of very high quality. It is one of the reasons mobile app development companies are adapting React native so fast. With lots of features, extensions and third party plugins it makes it so convenient for developers to use it. Thanks to Team facebook for maintaining it.

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