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Important iOS app development trends to consider for great apps

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If a report is to be believed, Apple App Store has earned a revenue of $ 40 billion and this is a clear example of the store's tremendous growth. The demand for iOS apps is growing by leaps and bounds. Thus, companies like Appinventiv is engaged in offering qualitative iOS app development services at affordable rates. There is denying that modern technology is making speedy advancements towards bigger and better. Therefore, app developers should stay updated with the recent trends in iOS app development.

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iOS App Development Trends  

IoT Apps

The number of developers for IoT based apps has increased by 34%. Many iOS app developers are trying to take advantage of the market based on Internet enabled devices.

iOS app development Make an Inquiry about this news sector will develop value-added apps for better utilization of the IoT products Make an Inquiry about this news.



Mobile data security has become an area of concern for the technology giants and iOS is gaining huge momentum because of its attention to security as well as privacy.

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App Transport Security is to be made compulsory for the iOS apps.

You will get to see stronger data encryption technologies in the coming days.

Integration with cloud technology

App users want to access apps across several devices and thus, there will be a need of smart sync with cloud technology. Due to this, developers will be able to minimize the size of an app.

However, integration can be little difficult and developers are enrolling in iOS app development course that will cover this skill.

Beacon apps

Beacon technology is pushing developers to come up with Becaon apps. With such apps, retailers can promote their offerings by pushing consumer-friendly ads directly to their phones.

Hence, beacon apps can target the device and offer the latest deals as well as offers.

Augmented Reality

AR is making headway through iOS apps, largely using GPS technology in order to offer a whole range of services to its users. On the other hand, the use of AR for games is changing the gaming industry.

Thus, in the near future, AR and GPS will be integral for mobile app developers Make an Inquiry about this news.

Swift 3.0

Developers engaged in providing iOS app development services have made distances from Objective C. They have adopted Swift programming language to easily build highly advanced applications.

In the near future, the use of this language will only extend for iOS apps.

Integration and connection apps

People are in the search of new ways to integrate their daily tasks as well as devices into one huge platform. Amazon Echo that allows you to connect smart devices to one central hub is one example of this.

Apps that enable users to connect appliances to their mobile phones will be met as developers are approaching an era of interconnectivity.


With the advancement in technology on a regular basis, it can be said that trends never last forever. However, above mentioned iOS application development trends will be around for some time.

On the  other hand, there are many more app development trends that you will get to see in the near future.

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