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6 sectors going to the next level with augmented reality apps

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Augmented Reality is a big game changer for many industries. It has the potential to disrupt how things are done. These 6 sectors or industries have adopted AR quickly and people are realizing the immense benefits AR apps brings with it.


Today, an individual with a smartphone can enter the world of virtual reality. There are dozens of apps that take you to a different world.

Augmented Reality (AR) enhances the real world with digital information such as – GPS, 3D models; audio as well as other computer generated sensory information. Augmented reality bridges the gap between real and virtual realm, helping you understand the world in a better way.

But, do you know what fields can benefit from AR based apps. The advancement in the field of smart devices has provided possibilities for AR.

Here is the list of industries that have unlocked the potential of Augmented Reality. Let’s go through the most amazing ways in which augmented reality can be used in apps.

1. Travel

Travel is one of the growing industries that are benefitting a lot from mobile apps. AR mobile apps are highly beneficial for frequent travelers.

If you are a frequent traveler, you might know how difficult it is to keep upto date with potential changes in schedule. AR offers a platform for travelers to receive information directly in a short period.

They can even look for appropriate solution based on their current location.


For example – late night travelers can find nearby hotels or restaurants, figure out how to get there, and even read reviews about a particular hotel without taking out their smartphone. If you are looking for budget travel option, you can find the best solution in AR.

2. Education

Augmented Reality is gaining momentum in the world of education and training. AR technology will help students learn via a 3D holographic anatomy program.

This program can be used to train students or employees at any level of education. With an immersive and multi-sensory experience that is more effective than traditional education, the results are much greater.


AP apps have become the backbone of education industry. Many apps have been developed that embed text, images and videos.

Using AR in classroom gives a different learning experience, since you don’t need to be physical in front of the lecturers.

3. Gaming and entertainment

Augmented reality is flourishing through the gaming industry. These apps are very entertaining and it is not expected to die soon.

Pokémon Go is one of those games that still holds title for the largest rollout of AR technology. Gaming is all about technology revolution and AR games have proven successful in this regard.


However, there is always a barrier between player and realities, making the game feel much natural. The gaming industry is becoming bigger and bigger every year, and has branched out in the form of Oculus Rift, Play Station VR systems, HTC Vive etc.

An interesting exploration of AR games can be found in apps like – Pokémon Go, Night Terrors, and Card Games etc.

4. Medicine

AR making its way in the healthcare industry and helping medical professionals while operating on patients. Medical practitioners can reduce the risk by knowing what exactly they need to do.

A display responds dynamically to the doctor and provides valuable information during operation. The patient’s vital signs are displayed in real time, which helps the doctor and hospital staff to respond to the in-patient in an easier way.


AR apps even help the hospital staff find the patient’s medical reports with much ease. This allows the staff to prepare to any arising issue and resolve it in minutes.

5. Retail/Shopping

Want to deal with in-app purchases and focus on physical goods? Augmented Reality helps the retail industry solve problems associated with selling physical goods. All you need to do is place a catalogue in front of your customer, ask them to scan the catalogue using their device and choose a product of their choice.

AR apps can project a 3D model of the items in real-time, so that the user can check whether it is really worth mentioning or not.


The users can even measure the size of product against the objects surrounding them to provide a realistic experience. The AR driven photo apps allow its users to take pictures and compare them with the products in their favorite store.

Users can take as many as photos and save them to camera. The pics can even be shared on social networks.

Users may see new characters every day, as the apps are updated constantly.

In short, AR platform can create a shopping environment for customers within an online store. An e-commerce retailer can use AR technology to create a 3D shop that replicates a traditional store.

6. Manufacturing

The use of AR in the field of manufacturing can improve safety and take pressure off the engineers who can’t be experts in all the technologies. AR can empower mobile workforce and link professionals with other experts around the world.


Besides this, AR allows a remote expert to superimpose markings, diagrams and related things directly onto the field of view of engineer. The use of smart glass allows the engineer to perform the fixes without much effort.

The AR solutions in the field of manufacturing enable the field engineers to access real-time remote help from experts and vendors located across the globe.


Here, we have covered some of the basics of augmented reality. AR is not a solution, but makes the pain point a bit easier.

To developed AR app, you first need to choose the right mobile app development company. Although AR apps seem to have a huge potential market, there are a few factors such as – technological limitations, privacy issues, public awareness etc that may slow down the mass adoption of AR.

Consumers need to be educated about the benefits of AR apps. At Promatics, we are providing robust AR solutions that are customized as per your needs.

If you want your AR app developed in best possible manner get in touch with promatics at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send in a Request for Quote.

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