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For better user experience, add dark mode feature to your mobile applications

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Mobile applications are no more an additional service to offer. It has became a must-have thing for all the businesses now. More and more companies are jumping into the world of mobile marketing to reach a larger audience, serve them with the best products/services, and stay ahead of their competitors.

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To stand out of the crowd, the businesses are focusing on providing unique services, unique experience to the users. They are doing deep market research, implementing the latest technologies like IoT and Chatbot, and are even paying attention to the customer’s feedbacks.

In short, companies are looking forward to develop mobile applications Make an Inquiry about this news that users continue to use for lifetime. And one of the best ways for doing the same is to pay attention to their needs.

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Today, many users are engaged in trying different apps day and night, but many have been uncomfortable with using the day mode of the apps at night. According to the experts of AppInventiv, the people nowadays wish to have a dark mode in the mobile apps.

The dark mode of mobile applications is not same as night mode. The night mode is basically about reducing the brightness of the screen, but dark mode is not so.

It can be better considered as Invert colors mode. That means, the foreground and background colors of the app are exchanged to improve readability in the night.

For example: If the app has white background with black font, you will observe white font on black background when ‘dark mode’ is activated.

Many mobile applications have included this feature and is found to be really effective. The dark mode reduces the strain on the eyes of the users.

Thus, enabling them to spend more time on the app. Also, the dark mode does not affect the sleeping pattern of the users.

So, the user can continue to try different features of the app for a longer time.

Secondly, it has been found that dark mode consumes less battery power. According to the top app developers Make an Inquiry about this news, in case of dark mode, the screen has to light up at specific pixels instead of lightning up at the whole screen.

This refrain faster draining of the phone’s battery and so, users can spend more time on the mobile apps.

And last but not the least, the dark mode in the apps allows the users to continue staying on mobile applications without disturbing the person sleeping next to them.

In a nutshell, introducing dark mode feature means you can increase the user's presence on your app, and so the sales. So, take no time to think upon introducing dark mode into your mobile app.

Also, take the perks of the latest technologies and marketing trends for developing mobile applications that users could continue to use for lifetime, without compromising with their health.

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