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iOS app developers can respond to app store reviews: know some proper ways of communicating

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With the release of iOS 10.3 and macOS 10.12.4, Apple has come up with great design tweaks and amendments. There is a special feature that allows iOS app developers to respond to the reviews of their customers in a hassle-free manner. This allow them to offer support, ask follow-up questions or simply interact with their app's users. Previously, without a review response system developers were not able to foster a sense of community around apps.

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There is no denying that when users feel that the developer is paying attention and is providing every possible help, then the chances of getting good rating for your app is high. Better rated apps will witness a large number of downloads.

Appinventiv is one of the leading companies that is engaged in providing best in class android and iPhone app development services Make an Inquiry about this news. Here, the developers are really happy with the advent of this new feature.

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How the feature is helpful for users

Users can label reviews as helpful or not helpful in the app store for the response by the developer. This  way users can enhance the relevancy of review content.

In addition, users will receive an email alert once the developer finish responding to their reviews. On the other hand, Apple is looking forward to add an option that allows users to turn off app review request prompts.

Ways to respond to app store reviews

With this feature's launch, Apple offers a series of suggestions about the way iOS app developers respond to reviews:

Communicate clearly

The developer's response will come under the category of an ideal answer when it is brief and focus on the customer's feedback. There is a need to communicate in the language that your target audience can understand.

Optimum utilization of filter

iOS app developers have the chance to reply under app activity- ratings and reviews on iTunes Connect. Filters can be used in order to find reviews of users to understand the new market.

Follow every guideline

When it comes to replying customer's reviews, it is very important for users to carefully follow all the terms and conditions. Posting personal information of users, spamming and profanity are strictly prohibited.  

Furthermore, the company clearly explains that clear, timely as well as concise answers come under the category of best replies. In addition, it also says that iOS app developers should take care of reviews with lower ratings so that they can turn those users into happy customers.

With SKStoreReviewController, developers can easily ask users to review or simply rate an app without any interaction with the App Store. By having a streamlined communication with users, you are at a higher chance to make updates in your iOS application.

Last but not the least, you can also create a sense of trust with the help of your valuable support.



The facility to respond to app store reviews give developers new chances to enhance their support to users. They can even know the expectations of their users which should be fulfilled for a great user experience Make an Inquiry about this news.

Hence, better outcomes can be obtained.

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